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Mr. Longarm Lightbulb Changing System

The Mr. Longarm Lightbulb Changing System is a light bulb changing aid that can be used by an individual seated in a wheelchair or by others who have difficulty reaching light bulbs. The system contains one extension pole and three light bulb changing attachments. The three-section, non-conductive, variable-length pole allows a user to reach light bulbs on the ceiling with the pole extended. Interchangeable cups fit the three most popular bulb sizes: floodlight, spotlight, and incandescent light

Uplift Standard Power Seat (Model Ps1000)

The Uplift Standard Power Seat, model PS1000, is a seat lift cushion that converts any chair or sofa with arms to a seat lift chair for use by individuals with neurological, lower extremity, or mobility disabilities or arthritis who have difficulty rising from a seated position. The cushion is placed on the chair or sofa, and when the user is ready to rise, he or she pulls up on the power lever and places his or her hands on the arms of the chair or sofa to activate the seat, which automatically

Torkel Toilet Paper Tongs

Toilet Paper Tongs is a toileting aid designed for use by individuals with limited upper extremity mobility. The L-shaped plastic tongs secure toilet paper and extend reach to enable independent toileting hygiene. DIMENSIONS: The tongs are 13 inches long. COLOR: White.

Back Relax Footrest

The Back Relax Footrest is a portable footrest designed for use by individuals with lower extremity, circulatory, or back disabilities. This small footrest supports both feet to minimize back strain and folds for storage and transport. When folded, the unit is small enough to fit in a briefcase, purse, or pocket. It stands four inches off the floor when open. The unit is made of strong ABS plastic with sturdy metal bars that support the fold up legs. DIMENSIONS: (LxWxH): 8.5 x 4 x 4 inches (ope

Pilot Wheeled Walker - Adult

The Pilot Rolling Walker is a folding wheeled walker with seat designed for use by individuals with balance or walking disabilities. This walker is equipped with a second set of lower handles that assists the user in rising from a seated position using less arm strength. The walker also has a built-in seat and the seat folds up so the user can step into the walker for enhanced mobility. It also comes with front all-terrain wheels and rear multi-directional glides. This walker folds for transport

Kidde Wireless Smoke Alarm System With Smoke Sounder

The Kidde Wireless Smoke Alarm System with SmokeSounder is a smoke alarm designed for use by individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing. The system includes one or more wireless smoke detectors with standard 85-decibel alarm signals, plus SmokeSounder, which provides a voice alarm and a low-frequency beeping alarm signal. SmokeSounder does not detect smoke by itself, and must be used with a Kidde wireless smoke alarm / detector. It links with the Kidde wireless smoke alarm so that when the smok

Doze Alert Driver Sleep Alarm

The Doze Alert Driver Sleep Alarm is a driver head position alert device designed to warn drivers when they are falling asleep at the wheel. Worn behind the ear, the device buzzes loudly (86 decibels) when the wearer's head falls forward. POWER: Uses a button cell battery (included). WEIGHT: 0.5 ounce.

Sweepeze Electric Dust Pan

The SweepEZE Electric Dust Pan is a dustpan designed for use by individuals with upper extremity, lower extremity, or mobility disabilities. This automatic device uses patent-pending technology in which an infrared beam located at the base of the unit flows continuously. When this beam is broken, a vacuum automatically activates and clears the debris. POWER: Uses 110 volts and 600 watts and has a power cord. DIMENSIONS: 7 x 9.25 x 16.5 inches. The power cord is 6 feet long. WEIGHT: 7 pounds. WAR

Benebath Shower & Bath Bench

The BeneBath Shower and Bath Bench is a bath and shower bench designed for use by individuals with mobility or balance disabilities. This lightweight bench has an anodized aluminum frame with a molded plastic seat, and features contoured removable seat pads; separately height-adjustable legs; large, flared, non-skid, contoured feet; pin locks for securing adjustable parts; and molded handles in the seat. The bench can be disassembled for storage or transport in a zippered carrying bag (included)

Oreck Xl Tower Professional Air Purifier

The Oreck XL Tower Professional Air Purifier is an air purifier designed for use by individuals with respiratory disabilities. It uses 6-stage air filtration with Truman Cell technology and a permanent lifetime filter to remove allergens, bacteria, mold, viruses and fungi from indoor air. An oxygenator converts ozone to oxygen. This unit can clean a 900 square foot room every hour. It has four speed settings. Indicator lights turn red when the collector cell needs cleaning or when the optional o

Ambidextrous Lever Handle Lock (Model 7055)

The Ambidextrous Lever Handle, model 7055, is a keyless exterior door lock with lever designed for use by individuals with fine motor, grasping, or upper extremity disabilities. This heavy-duty door lock has an eight-button combination pad with an ambidextrous lever for right- or left-hand doors. The lock has double push capability, meaning a repeated digit can be used in the combination. To preserve the lock's mechanical functions, its inner parts are Teflon-coated. A hold-back feature allows t

Briefmates Guards

The Briefmates Guards are incontinence pants liners designed for individuals with moderate to heavy urinary incontinence. These contoured pads absorb up to twelve fluid ounces. DIMENSIONS: 4.75 x 12 inches.

Facial Flex Ultra

Facial-Flex Ultra is a facial muscle exerciser designed for use by individuals with severe facial burns or speech disabilities. Applications for this dynamic resistance device for strengthening the oral-motor and neck musculature include increasing oral facial motor strength, range of motion, voluntary control, and timing and coordination for such impairments as dysarthria, oral apraxia, facial paresis, oral dysphagia and facial contractures caused by severe burns. OPTIONS: Replacement flexbands

National Ramp Pathway Ramp With Rail

The National Ramp Pathway Ramp with Rails is a portable ramp designed for use by individuals with balance, mobility, or walking disabilities. Made of aluminum with an extruded non-skid surface, it can be used outdoors in all weather conditions, and can be moved or relocated. Numerous widths, lengths, and handrail options are available.

National Ramp Pathway Ramp

The National Ramp Pathway Ramp is a portable ramp designed for use by individuals with mobility or walking disabilities. This ramp provides temporary or semi-permanent home access for use with scooters, wheelchairs and walkers. Made of welded aircraft-grade aluminum, it is strong but lightweight and portable. It has a skid-resistant surface and a self-adjusting bottom transition plate for conversion from ramp to ground.


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