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Mf-1000 Multi-Functional Workstation

MF-1000 Multi-functional Workstation is a computer work station adapted for computer users with disabilities. The station incorporates inter-changeable parts of both the HCP-4800 basic table and the HCP-6000 U-shaped table, and includes an upper, two-part removable shelf. The table can be designed and built to enable the individual to have the maximum space in accessing their own computer. The U-shaped desk surface is locked into the horizontal position by two retractable oak slides, and support

Computer Tables (Models Hcp-4800 & Hcp-6000)

The HCP-4800 & HCP-6000 are computer tables and workstations designed specifically for wheelchair users. The main work area can be adjusted with a hand crank in order to accommodate a variety of wheelchair heights. This mechanism has an internal braking system. There are additional side brakes to insure stability of the table during operation. The workstations will accommodate a microcomputer, a monitor, a printer, external disk drives, printer paper, an expanded keyboard, and other necessar


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