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Roadmaster Tricycles (Models Rm-12 & Rm-16)

Roadmaster Tricycles are designed to be adapted for use by children with physical disabilities. This tricycle features a steel frame with a wide saddle-style steel seat, pedals on the fron wheel, and standard tricycle handlebars. OPTIONS: Upright handlebars, tricycle back support, tricycle pommel, and foot pedal attachments. DIMENSIONS: Model RM-12 has a 12-inch front wheel and model RM-16 has a 16-inch front wheel.

Back Jack (Models Bj-M & Bj-Xl)

The Back Jack is a back support cushion designed to provide support when sitting on the floor. All models feature a slightly reclined back and a wedge seat. They have a steel frame with a foam seat pad and a canvas cover. SIZES: Medium (BJ-M) or extra-large (BJ-XL). DIMENSIONS (HxDxW): 20 x 11 x 14 (medium) or 21.5 x 12.5 x 16 x 12.5 (extra large).

Flexi Cut Cup

The Flexi Cut Cup is a nose cutout glass designed for use by individuals who drink without neck extension. The liquid is visible through the translucent cup and the one- and two-ounce models are flexible enough to be squeezed to change the shape of the lip during assisted drinking. The seven-ounce model is designed for independent drinking and is stiffer. All models are top rack dishwasher-safe (dry without heat). COLOR: The one-ounce model is pink; the two-ounce model is blue; and the seven-oun

Maroon Spoon

The Maroon Spoon is a child spoon designed for use in feeding therapy or for use with children with oral sensitivity, tongue thrust, or poor lip closure. These break-resistant plastic spoons have a long handle and a narrow bowl. SIZES: Small and large COLOR: Maroon.

Pon Pon

Pon Pons are balance training devices designed for use by children with physical and neurological disabilities. These large, inflatable balls have a handle in the center, enabling the user to sit on them for balance training or to bounce on them. DIMENSIONS: Available in 16, 20, and 24 inches in diameter. COLOR: The 16-inch ball is yellow; the 20-inch, either silver of orange; and the 24-inch, green.

Velcro Belt (Model Es-375)

The Velcro Belt, model ES-375, is a belt restraint for children and young adults. The belt consists of a nylon strap with a velcro fastener. The length is adjustable with a slider. DIMENSIONS (W x L): 2 x 40 inches. COLOR: Black.

Cam Belt (Model Es-300)

The Cam Belt, model ES-300, is a child belt restraint designed to fit the Equipment Shop's Cornerseat and Raised Cornerseat (see separate entries), but can also be used on chairs, tricycles, prone standers, and scooters. The one-piece belt is made of nylon with an automobile-style nylon buckle. DIMENSIONS (LxW): 40 x 2 inches.

Cam Belt With Grommets (Model Es-350)

The Cam Belt with Grommets, model ES-350, is a child belt restraint for pelvic stability. The two-piece belt is made of automotive seatbelt nylon and has a nylon buckle. The belt attaches with grommets to various therapeutic equipment and seating aids. The nuts, bolts, and washers required for installation are included. DIMENSIONS (LxW): 40 x 2 inches.

Tricycle Back Support (Model Es-950)

The Tricycle Back Support, model ES-950, is a motorcycle -style back support for child tricycles designed to provide increased support for children with minimal trunk control. The support is made of chrome plated steel tubing and has a curved plastic foam back rest and a nylon automobile-style seat belt attached. The base of the back support bolts easily to standard tricycles.

Upright Tricycle Handlebars (Model Es-900)

Upright Tricycle Handlebars, model ES-900, are vertical handlebar attachments for children designed to promote better arm and back position while cycling. The handlebars fit standard tricycles and permit the child to use a vertical rather than horizontal palmar grasp to hold onto the handlebars. These handlebars are constructed of heavy gauge tubing with a chrome finish and plastic hand grips.

Tricycle Pommel (Model Es-925)

The Tricycle Pommel, ES-925, is designed for use on children's tricycles to help maintain abduction of the user's legs while riding. The pommel is made of plastic foam and snaps over the main frame tube in front of the seat; there are no screws, bolts, or buckles.

Foot Pedal Attachments (Models Es-975 & Es-995)

Foot Pedal Attachments are wooden sandals which attach to a child's tricycle pedals with a small wood piece and bolts. Velcro straps hold the child's feet on the pedals, and the sandals have a plastic heel cuff to keep the rider's feet from slipping out. SIZES: Small (model ES-975) fit up to children's shoe size 12 and large (model ES-995) fit children's shoe size 12 through adult shoe size 5.

Walker Pegs (Model Es-720)

Walker Pegs, model ES-720, are vertical handgrips suitable for adapting a child's walker to facilitate better posture and walking pattern. The plastic bicycle style handles are installed by drilling 2 holes in the walker's existing handles.

Peg (Model Es-700) & Suction Peg (Model Es-710)

The Peg, model ES-700, is an equipment peg made of solid wood with a plastic grip designed to stabilize one hand. The peg can be installed on desks, table tops, or walkers, and is removable when not in use. The peg has a threaded screw attachment that is placed through a hole in the surface and secured with a plastic threaded attachment from underneath. The Suction Peg, model ES-710, has the same design as the Peg but is mounted on a suction cup that adheres to surfaces; no holes are necessary.

Fat Wheels

Fat Wheels are bicycle support wheels designed for use by children with balance disabilities. These oversized training wheels have pneumatic tires and attach to the bicycle's rear axle. They come with larger or smaller brackets to accommodate different style bike frames, and can only be used on bikes with solid rear axles. DIMENSIONS: Wheels are 12 inches in diameter. Training wheels are available with standard or large brackets for attaching to 16-, 18-, or 24- to 26-inch bicycle wheels. Stand


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