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Goldtouch & Goldtouch For Mac Adjustable Keyboard

The Goldtouch Adjustable Keyboard and Goldtouch for Mac Adjustable Keyboard are split expanded keyboards designed for use by individuals with carpal tunnel syndrome or other repetitive motion disabilities, limited upper extremity range of motion, or other upper extremity disabilities. This keyboard physically splits in the center, allowing each section to be independently adjusted for optimal use. Each section can be adjusted from 0 to 30 degrees both vertically and horizontally. The small size

Goldtouch Kov-Gtm-L Wired Ergonomic Mouse

The GoldTouchâ„¢ KOV-GTM-L Wired Ergonomic Mouse provides a neutral wrist angle of 24 degrees that helps alleviate muscle fatigue and discomfort caused by pronation of the wrist. This particular model is designed for left-handed users.

Goldtouch Gel Filled Mousing Platform

The Goldtouch Gel Filled Mousing Platform is a mouse pad designed for use by individuals with carpal tunnel syndrome. This mouse pad allows the user to mouse in greater comfort with less risk of contact stress on the nerves in the lower hand and wrist. When using a standard or vertical mouse, the unit's soft gel protects the wrist and hand from otherwise contacting a harder work surface. Its gentle slope and curvature help the user achieve a more neutral posture and keep the mouse on a similar p

Goldtouch Gel Filled Palm Supports

Goldtouch Gel Filled Palm Supports are keyboard palm rests designed for use by individuals with carpal tunnel sydrome. These gel filled pads provide a respite for the hands when not typing. Made of dual textured stress-dispersing gel with a Lycra covering, the pads come in a set of two and support each palm in alignment with the left and right sides of the keyboard while minimizing risk from contact stress. DIMENSIONS (HxLxW): 1 x 7 x 3 inches. COLOR: Black or blue.

Goldtouch Wireless Ambidextrous Mouse

The Goldtouch Wireless Ambidextrous Mouse features a classic look and is designed to fit a wide variety of hand sizes and grips. Most importantly, the mouse sits comfortably in either the left or right hand, allowing for ambidextrous use. Getting started is easy. Plug and Play wireless technology allows you to quickly pair the mouse with your favorite PC or Mac device.


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