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Green Toys Build-a-Bouquet

Green Toys Block Set

The Green Toys Block Set is a set of extra large interlocking building blocks designed for children with cognitive impairments to encourage fine motor skills, planning, visual-spatial skills, and creativity with its endless structural designs. The Set includes five types of blocks: four 2-peg, eight 4-peg, two 8-peg, two archways, and two slants. The extra large interlocking building blocks make them easy for younger children to grab. Pegs hold blocks into place securely without sticking too str

Green Toys Dump Truck 3D Puzzle

Green Toys Dump Truck 3D Puzzle is a chunky, tactile puzzle objects for building a big, heavy-duty 3D dump truck picture for children with disabilities to play with that encourages fine motor skills, visual-spatial skills, shape recognition skills, and imaginative play. Puzzle pieces include truck cab, truck bed, and two spinning wheels. Children can fit pieces into matching slots in the tray to build the whole truck.

My First Green Toys Stacker


The Stepper is a balance training device for use by individuals ages 5 and up to encourage gross motor skills, balance, exercise, and creative play. Features a flared base, anti-slip top texture, and durable materials.

Moon Shoes

The Moon Shoes are bungee shoes for bouncing while walking that are designed for children to encourage gross motor skills, coordination, and exercise. The shoe platforms connect to bases with tough elastic bands, strap over the users shoes, and fastens with Velcro-brand fasteners. They come with extra bands that the user can add or take away to adjust the bounciness. Includes 2 moon shoe bases, 2 shoe platforms with Velcro-brand straps, extra elastic bands, and detailed safety and assembly instr


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