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Homecraft Walsall Trolley

The Homecraft Walsall Trolley is a rolling cart designed for use by individuals with walking, balance, mobility, or upper extremity disabilities. Available in standard and economy models, this cart features two plastic-coated shelves for transporting items, angled top side rails that serve as handles for support, and four casters. Lips on three sides of each shelf keep items from roling off. To facilitate food transfer, one end of each shelf has no lip. The standard model has a cut-away lower

Homecraft Alton Bath Board

The Homecraft Alton Bath Board is a bathboard designed for use by individuals with spinal cord injury, mobility, or balance disabilities. This plastic-coated steel board fits between the sides of the bathtub and is perforated for drainage. The brackets adjust to fit a variety of tubs. DIMENSIONS: The board fits tubs from 15 to 23.75 inches wide. CAPACITY: 420 pounds.

Homecraft Uni-Frame Folding Commode

The Homecraft Uni-Frame Folding Commode is a folding height-adjustable commode designed for use by individuals with mobility disabilities. This unit folds for storage and can be used at the bedside, over the toilet, or in the shower. Features include a folding metal frame with molded-plastic slip-resistant feet and a vinyl-covered padded seat, backrest, and lift-off lid. The lid forms an air seal with the commode pan to help reduce odors. The commode pan clips to the frame. DIMENSIONS: The rail

Homecraft Reflex Carving Utensils

The Homecraft Reflex Carving Utensils are designed for use by individuals with arthritis of the hand or grasping disabilities. These ergonomically designed knives feature an attached handle with finger contours to facilitate grasp and the positioning of the handle to the blade minimizes wrist movement. Available is a preparation knife with a scalloped blade, a chef's knife with a smooth edge, a carving knife with a scalloped blade, and a slicing knife with a narrow blade with a smooth edge. A tw

Rentwood Bath Seat (Models 09-107-2941 & 09-107-2990)

The Rentwood Bath Seat, models 09-107-2941 and 09-107-2990, is a bath seat designed for use by individuals with mobility disabilities. As the user sits on the seat, the unit wedges ½rmly between the sides of the bath, giving a stable platform. The seat is padded vinyl (09-107-2990) or molded plastic (09-107-2941), and is mounted on a coated steel frame, to which are bolted two hinged side paddles. These are adjustable in width using wing nuts. The paddles, which are tipped with soft protective e

Bath Seat Farnham With Moulded Plastic Seat (Model 09-107-3113)

The Farnham Bath Seat with Moulded Plastic Seat, model 09-107-3113, is a bath seat designed for use by individuals with balance or mobility disabilities. This seat hangs from the rim of the bath and wedges firmly into the sides as the bather sits on it. The strong contoured seat is mounted on a steel frame with hinged sides. The seat is adjustable in width for different sizes of bathtub. The tips of the frame are covered in soft end caps to protect the bath and improve grip. OPTIONS: Padded viny

Hampshire Contoured Tap Rail (Model 09-107-8534)

The Hampshire Contoured Tap Rail, model 09-107-8534, is a bathtub grab bar designed for use by individuals who need support rising from or sitting down in a bathtub. The plastic rail is fixed to taps by means of a clamping bar. Its contoured plastic moldings enhance the user's grip on the rail when raising and lowering. In use, the rail rests on the edges of the tub; the unit may be folded up against the wall when not in use. DIMENSIONS: Max diameter of taps 80mm (31/8"). Distance of bar from ta

Gordon Peeler And Clamp (Model 09-109-6296)

The Gordon Peeler and Clamp, model 09-109-6296, is a vegetable peeler and cutting aid designed for use by individuals with hemiplegia or upper extremity emputation. The unit clamps to a table or worktop and enables fruit and vegetables to be peeled using only one hand. Clamped to the work surface by a sliding mechanism, the hardened, swivelling blade is slotted into the top. It is operated by holding the vegetable and pushing it over the blade, away from the user. The peelings then drop onto a p

Garden Seat Kneeler (Model 09-110-4355)

The Garden Seat Kneeler, model 09-110-4355, is a garden knee support designed for use by individuals with arthritis or lower extremity disabilities. This soft garden kneeler reduces back and knee strain when getting up and down to do the gardening. Made from steel tubing around a raised, soft platform of polypropylene foam. A side handle provides support in getting up. The kneeler can also be turned over to use as a step or stool, and it folds flat for storage.

Homecraft Mighty Lever Jar and Bottle Opener, Model 81501329

Homecraft Mighty Lever Jar and Bottle Opener is intended for people with grasping or fine motors disabilities. It has the flexible stainless steel band which is fitted around a lid, and then clamped tight using the screw at the end of the handle, which can be used as a lever.

Homecraft Utensil Set and Assessment Kit, Model 81565175

Homecraft Utensil Set and Assessment Kit comes with light-weight eating utensils and handles. This set features versatility with a range of stainless steel utensils that can be interchanged in a choice of easy grip PVC handles. The utensil is easily pushed or screwed into the chosen handle and can be easily removed. Is designed for people with grasping or upper extremity disabilities. 


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