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Web Lv

Web LV is a voice output Internet access device and word processor designed for use by individuals who are blind or have low vision. This device allows the user to access the Internet and do personal computer functions such as e-mail and word processing without a personal computer. Commands are entered through a keyboard and Pick `n Click (PnC) menus. Using a phone line or network connection, the device provides e-mail and Internet access through speech synthesis and screen enlargement. It can b


VIP is an optical character recognition (OCR) program and low vision reading system designed for use by individuals who are blind or have low vision. The program scans printed documents, books, and magazines and reads them aloud. Text also appears on-screen in the user's choice of font, letter size, letter spacing, colors, format, and presentation. Once configured, the program is controlled with four large buttons on a trackball mouse. Presentation options include text filling the full screen (W

Pnc Net

PnC Net is a voice output web browser designed for use by individuals with low vision. The browser reads the web page aloud and enlarges it on screen. Speech can be made to start at any selected point. As each word is spoken it is also highlighted. Page layout is preserved, with or without enlargement of pictures, and lines are word wrapped in order to keep all the text on the screen. The text is read down each column without skipping to the next column. The controls display menu selections in a

Pnc Memo

PnC Memo is a voice output and large print word processor program designed for use by individuals with low vision. Users can write letters, memos, and other documents while viewing them in large print characters. Each letter and word is spoken when typed. The program includes a built-in spelling checker that can correct misspellings automatically, or allow the user to choose from a "Pick n Click" list of additional suggested words or type in a correction.

Wide Angle Mobility Light

The Wide Angle Mobility Light is a low vision light designed for use as a night vision aid by individuals with low vision. This hand-held high intensity wide angle beam lantern is designed primarily for use as a night travel aid by individuals with constriction of the visual field and night blindness. The light comes with a shoulder strap to allow the light to be carried at waist height, leaving the hands free. POWER: Includes an AC recharger. Intensity of the beam is 1400 candle power. WEIGHT:


The eClipseReader is a digital talking book player program designed for use by individuals who are blind or have low vision. This software plays text documents and DAISY format digital talking books. It has a talking user interface that can be customized for keyboard operation or a simple graphic interface for users with low vision. The software is screen reader compatible. Volume and speed controls are selectable via a hot key or tool bar. The software allows chapter, page, heading, and phrase

Pnc E-Mail

PnC E-Mail is a voice output and large print e-mail program designed for use by individuals with low vision. This software sends and receives e-mail with POP3 e-mail service providers (e.g., earthlink.net, attbi.com, qwest.net, comcast.net, etc.), including both html and txt format. Speech synthesis and text enlargement controls are built into the program, which uses a "Pick 'n Click" user interface. Screens are designed to minimize the amount of text and buttons off the screen under enlargement

Plextalk Portable Recorder (Model Ptr2)

The Plextalk Portable Recorder, model PTR2, is a digital talking book player and recorder designed for use by individuals who are blind or have low vision. This unit can record DAISY 2.02 books and audio file or music CDs, and can play DAISY titles, music and audio file CDs, and CF cards. When connected to a computer, it can be used as a CD-RW or memory card drive. The unit comes with Plextalk Recording Software (PRS) for recording, editing, and finalizing audio only DAISY 2.02 books. Radio prog


The Looky is a handheld video magnifier designed for use by individuals with low vision. This magnifier can be used to examine text and pictures at home or during chores such as shopping. It magnifies between 3 and 8 times in full color and contrast modes, with reverse video and freeze functions. Its camera is in the middle of the screen. It has a folding handle and carrying strap and comes with a carrying case and user manual. POWER: Uses two rechargeable NiMH batteries or external alternating

Plextalk Pocket (Model Ptp1)

Plextalk Pocket, model PTP1, is a portable digital recorder and electronic talking book player designed for use by individuals who are blind or have low vision or learning disabilities. This pocket-sized unit plays Daisy-format digital talking books, music CDs, MP3 CDs, and audio books on CD. It reads HTML input from SD cards and USB flash memory so the user can input media, including text-to-speech (TTS), without connecting to a PC. The unit has a built-in microphone and speaker for voice recor


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