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Re-Lax Toilet Footrest

The Re-Lax Toilet Footrest is a toilet footrest designed for use by individuals with balance or lower extremity disabilities or short stature. This plastic unit has foot pads and supports the legs while toileting. It helps position the body in a squat, supporting abdominal walls and more complete bowel evacuation. DIMENSIONS (WxDxH): 19.5 x 14 x 8 inches, assembled. COLOR: White.

Super Grip Suction Handle

The Super Grip Suction Handle is a bathroom bar designed to help users get in or out of the shower or tub. The bathtub bars are made of steel, are white, and enamel-coated. The crank-looking device attaches to the tub wall in order to help persons with mobility issues get in/out of the bathtub. This product has rubber pads to prevent damage to the tub walls.

Super Grip Perma Handle

The Super Grip Perma Handle is a bathroom safety product designed to help with getting in and out of the bathtub/shower and to help prevent slips or falls. It is a textured handle, opposed to a Chrome, Vinyl, or Enamel Hand Bar. It is made for individuals with balance issues and/or any other disability that makes it difficult to step in or out of the bathtub or shower. It can be used by a person of any age and attaches to most surfaces. It screws in for a permanent hold and can be mounted vertic

Ideaworks Extra Wide Talking Scale

The Ideaworks Extra Wide Talking Scale is a voice output scale designed for use by individuals who are blind or have low vision. This talking scale has a 15-inch platform with a tempered glass top. It features two-person memory tracking (up to 30 memories for each track); a pleasant and easy to hear voice; auto zero and shut off feature; large LCD display; and a low battery indicator. This scale measures in pounds or kilograms. POWER: Uses 1 9-volt battery (not included). DIMENSIONS: 16.2 x 14 x

Oxygen Meter

This Oxygen Meter is intended for non-medical periodic check of heart rate and blood oxygen saturation level at home. It is not intended to replace a doctor's visit. It measures pulse oxygen saturation (SpO2) rate.

31-Day Pill Organizer

The 31-Day Pill Organizer can be used to help individuals with cognitive disabilities or memory loss stay organized and keep track of pills and medication. This 31-Day Pill Organizer has pop-out compartments and can fit any size pill.

North American Hot-Cold Back Wrap with Collar

The North American Hot-Cold Back Wrap with Collar is designed for use by individuals with arthritis, bursitis, sore muscles, and everyday stress. The buckwheat-filled wrap quickly heats in microwave or cools in freezer. The heat helps increase blood flow to relax muscles, while the cold helps reduce pain and swelling. The wrap includes a removable air pump that allows the user to set the proper air pressure to provide needed support.

Weekly Pill Sorter + Organizer - Set of 2 - Bonus Pill Splitters

The Weekly Pill Sorter + Organizer - Set of 2 - Bonus Pill Splitters is designed for use by people who have difficulty tracking medication schedules. The device is ideal for sorting medication and vitamins. It is color-coded for each day usage and is compact and lightweight.  

Bath Safety Bar

The Bath Safety Bar is designed for use by individuals with arthritis or balance or lower extremity disabilities. The vertical safety grab bar mounts perpendicular to the tub to give a hand right where it's needed. The device is made of steel construction with vinyl coating and protective rubber cushions on the inside to prevent scratches to tub.

Toilet Safety Support

The Toilet Safety Support is designed for users with arthritis or balance or lower extremity disabilities. The device is designed to have sturdy arms rise to meet the user, making it easier to sit and rise in safety. Additionally, it includes a handy magazine rack and slip resistant padding at bottom. Weight capacity up to 300 pounds.

Drying & Styling Stand

The Drying & Styling Stand is designed for users with upper extremity disabilities or arthritis. This styling stand holds hair dryer, leaving both hands free for styling with brush and comb. The device adjusts from 27 to 39 inches for use on floor counter tops. Additionally it includes an adjustable strap to secure odd sized hair dryers.

S/12 Slack Hanger

The S/12 Slack Hanger are designed for users with fine motor, standing and neurological disabilities and people of short stature. The hangers come on a set of 12 . There is no need to remove the hanger from the rack with these open end hangers. Easy to hang slacks and sure grip arm keep them from slipping off.

North American Emergency Recorder with Wristband

The North American Emergency Recorder with Wristband is designed for use by individuals to alert medical professionals of critical information during an emergency. The device allows the user to record a 30-second message and play it back in case of emergency. For example, "I'm diabetic. Call Dr. Smith (123) 555-1212".

Bathtub Safety Step

The Bathtub Safety Step is a product designed for those individuals with lower extremity disabilities to help them get in and out of the bathtub. Slip-resistant textured top and rubberized feet. Adds almost 4 inches to your step.

Jobar Hair Washing Tray

Jobar Hair Washing Tray is contoured to fit neck comfortably and rest on the users shoulders for easy shampooing in a seated position. It is compact and lightweight to diminish awkward bending for those with limited motion. Its raised edges allow water to drain into the sink without making a mess. Can be used with chair or wheelchair.


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