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Kaye Partial Weight-Bearing Walking Frame (Model Sw1)

The Kaye Partial Weight-Bearing Walking Frame, model SW1, is a child's walker or standing frame designed for use by children who have a wide range of disabilities due to neuropathy, including postural control, interlimb coordination, and steady state and reactive balance. The Kaye Walking Frame supports the user in the upright, walking, or partial weight-bearing position using a combination of an overhead suspension frame, a manual winch, a harness, removable handlebars, and swivel casters with

Kaye Anterior Support Walkers (Models Y2S & Y3S)

The Kaye Anterior Support Walkers are custom perscription walkers designed for use by individuals with neuromuscular disabilities associated with severe spasticity, athetosis, or ataxia. These walkers are intended for individuals who can support their weight on their legs and take steps, but lack sufficient balance or upper body and shoulder control to maintain alignment and often needing to be aligned slightly forward of the base of support to facilitate stepping. The user stands inside the wal

Kaye Anterior Forearm Support Walkers (Models Y2Fs, Y3Fs, & Y4Fs)

The Kaye Anterior Forearm Support Walkers are walkers with platform arm supports designed for use by individuals with neuromuscular disabilities associated with severe spasticity, athetosis, or ataxia who lean on their forearms because they cannot grip adequately to propel their walkers. These walkers are particularly useful for individuals who have asymmetrical strength in their upper extremities as they can propel and steer a walker with only one hand. The user stands inside the walker's bas

Kaye Wide Posture Control Walkers (Models R2B, R3B, R4B, R2Br, R3Br, R4Br, R2Bs, R3Bs, & R4Bs)

The KAYE Wide Posture Control Walker is a child's adjustable walker designed for use by children who wear hip-knee-ankle-foot orthoses and require additional width and deph inside the walker frame. The walkers are available with 2 wheels (models R2B, R3B, and R4B), 4 fixed wheels (models R2BF, R3BR,and R4BR), and 4 wheels with front swivel wheels (models R2BS, R3BS, and R4BS). The walkers fold for transportation. OPTIONS: Options include one-way roller-bearing wheels, forearm supports, a pelvi

Kool Krutch Cuff Pads

The Kool Krutch Cuff Pads are forearm cuff pads designed for use with pediatric forearm crutches. The washable pads attach with Velcro. DIMENSIONS: Models are available to fit cuffs 1.75, 2, 2.25, 2.5, or 2.75 inches in diameter. COLOR: Multi-color pattern on a blue background or solid navy.

Walker Bag (Models Wb-S, Wb-M, Wb-L)

The Walker Bag is a carrying bag for Kaye Posture Walkers (see separate entry). These nylon bags offer pockets for carrying capacity for school or personal items and attach to the walker with straps. Models WB-S and WB-M can be side or rear mounted and model WB-L is designed for rear mounting only. SIZES: Model WB-S is small, model WB-M is medium, and model WB-L is large. DIMENSIONS (WxH): model WB-S is 13.5 x 9.5 inches, model WB-M is 14 x 16 inches, and model WB-L is 18.5 x 17 inches. COLOR: M

Kaye Quad Canes (Models Qc20, Qc25, & Qc31)

The Kaye Quad Canes are designed for use by children with walking or balance disabilities.These height adjustable canes have an offset base with rubber-tipped feet and rotating handles to accommodate varing degrees of suppination or pronation. DIMENSIONS: Model QC20 has a 6 3/8 x 4.5 inch base and the length adjusts from 15 to 20 inches. Model QC25 has a 5.5 x 8 inch base and the length adjusts from 17.5 to 24 inches. Model QC31 has a 5.5 x 8 inch base and the length adjusts from 21 to 31 inches

Kaye Balance Poles (Models Qp & Bp)

The Kaye Balance Poles are a balance training device designed for use by children with walking, balance, or neurological disabilities.Model BP is a fixed-height straight pole with a handgrip. Model QP is a height-adjustable straight pole with a hadgrip set in a quad cane base with rubber-tipped feet. DIMENSIONS: Model BP is 46 inches long. Model BQ has a 5.5 x 8 inch base.

Tonicross Tricycles (Models Jm-1, Jm-2, & Jm-3)

ToniCross Tricycles are child or junior tricycles designed for use by children from 2.5 years of age through adolescence with mobility or neurological disabilities. These tricycles are chain-driven from the rear wheels, placing the pedals directly under the seat for an easier pedaling motion. A limited front-wheel turning radius, wide wheelbase, and low center of gravity aid in safety and stability. The seat and upright handlebar height are adjustable and the hand brake can be placed on the righ

Kaye Walk-In-Place

The Kaye Walk-In-Place is a lower extemity exercise machine designed for use by children from two to twelve years of age with lower extremity, walking, or neurological disabilities. This unit can be used for fitness and conditioning, as well as for development of ambulation and post-operative strengthening. The device requires the user to stand upright and to bear weight and uses the pattern of walking for exercise. Reciprocally-lonked footplates to assist weight shift onto the weight-bearing li

Pedalo System (Models Pd-4, Pd-2, & Pd-1)

The Pedalo System is a balance training device designed for use by children and adults with neurological or lower extremity disabilities. These six-wheeled devices utilize a split base and axle to utilize a walking motion to propel them. Shifting weight from side to side and front to back move the devices forward and backward. The Barren-Pedalo, model PD-4, features removable horizontal parallel bars, making this model suitable for children who can stand but not walk unassisted and use their arm

Kaye Straddle Seat (Model Ss1)

The Kaye Straddle Seat, model SS1, is designed for use by children with neurological or lower extremity disabilities. These seats aid the child in learning to generate adequate force in the extensor muscles while maintaining weight bearing and alignment, skills needed for proper standing posture and gait. The front end of the seat can be angled downward, placing more of the child's weight on the feet. This seat also aids controlling adduction and assymetry of weight bearing of the lower extremit

Kaye T-Seats (Models Ts-S & Ts-L)

The Kaye T-Seats are adjustable wooden chairs designed for use by children with lower extremity or neurological disabilities. These height-adjustable benches are designed for use with Kaye T-Tables (see separate entry) feature tilt capability and vinyl-covered padded seating surfaces. The benches are also useful for learning to move from one level to another or for progressing from floor sitting to bench sitting or from side sitting to upright kneeling, or from sitting to standing. The benches

Kaye T-Tables (Models Tt-1 & Tt-2)

The Kaye T-Tables are tilt top tables designed for use with children with neurological or fine motor disabilities. Designed to be used in conjunction with Kaye Adjustable Benches, T-Seats, or Straddle Seats, these height-adjustable wooden tables have tilt tops equipped with tow large wooden clamps to properly psition books and papers and a removable wooden ledge to keep items from sliding off the table when tilted. The table top adjusts from horizontal to 90 degrees. Model TT-2 accommodates chil

Ring Toss

Ring Toss is an eye hand coordination activity designed for use by individuals with neurological or perceptual disabilities. This game consists of an X-shaped solid wooden base with large, numbered, bottle-shaped pegs set in each arm and the center of the X. Five rings are included.

Kaye Scoot About (Model Sb1)

The Kay Scoot About, model SB1, is a scooter board designed for use with children and adults with lower extremity or severe physical disabilities. This four-wheeled, height-adjustable device enables children and adults to sit on the seat and propel themselves with their feet and enabling them to work on heel strike and coordinated knee flexion and extension skills. These patterns, needed for ambulation, can be developed while seated in the absence of standing balance. The height-adjustable seat

Air Popper Activity Center

The Air Popper Activity Center is a sensory busy box designed for use by children with upper extremity disabilities. Activated by air pressure, this toy provides pleasants sounds and interesting motion with a light push or squeeze. Minimal strength and no controlled grasp is required.

Push And Spin Box

The Push and Spin Box is a sensory busy box designed for use by children with upper extremity disabilities. This box encourages children to push, pull, spin, and flip, developing a range of reach and grasp patterns with the whole hand or a single finger. The brightly-colored items on the box create a variety of sounds and movements.

Suction Arch & Suction Mountain

The Suction Arch and Suction Mountain are eye-hand coordination activities designed to stimulate visual tracking by the identification of shapes and colors as beads are moved along wire maze tracks. The Suction Arch is a twisting, structured maze featuring two wire tracks for children to direct the multi-colored round beads over, one in the shape of an arch and the other fashioned like a loose spring. Suction Mountain has two large vertical twisting tracks. Both models feature a wooden base with

Rainbow Maker

The Rainbow Maker is an auditory and visual stimulation activity designed for use by children with neurological disabilities. The child grasps the clear tube at the top and the bottom and turns it upside down to send multi-colored beads falling, creating the sound of gently falling rain and creating a prism of color as the beads fall through the colored barriers.

Match And Stack Peg Board

The Match and Stack Peg Board is a pegboard designed for use by children with fine motor, neurological, or cognitive disabilities. This set has a plastic board with large holes and large easy-to-manipulate pegs in five shapes. The pegs fit into the holes in the base or they can be stacked on top of one another. COLORS: The pegs come in five colors.

Shape 'n Color Coaster Shape And Color Sorter

The Shape 'N Color Coaster Shape and Color Sorter is a training system for matching/sorting/assembly designed for use by young children with fine motor, cognitive, perceptual, or neurological disabilities. This set includes a wooden board with five irregularly-shaped posts and five different shapes in five colors shapes for sorting onto the pegs by shape or color. The set can also be used to replicate patterns on the included pattern cards.

Shape-Size Learning Center

The Shape-Size Learning Center is a wood puzzle designed for use by children with cognitive or neurological disabilities. The puzzle has a wood board that accepts knobbed wooden pieces in three rows: the top row has five circles in five sizes in descending order from large to small; the middle row has five squares; and, the bottom row has triangles. The knobs on each piece requirea finger-thumb grasp.

Kaye Neat-Seat

The Kaye Neat-Seat is a youth positioning chair designed for use with children ages two to six years with mobility, neurological, or other physical disabilities. Useful for traveling therapists, wooden one-piece unit combines a table and positioning chair and folds flat without tools for storage and transport. This seat provides a firm seat, back, and footrest to maintain proper postural alignment, freeing the child's arms for skilled movement. The chair is particularly useful for children with

Ten Counter (Model 3101)

The Ten Counter, model 3101, is an educational toy designed for use by children with fine motor and cognitive disabilities. This manipulative toy consists of a wooden base with 10 arches, each holding from one to 10 flat beads. The number of beads on the arch corresponds to the printed numeral and the number of objects pictured at the bottom of the arch.

Kaye Supine Positioner (Model Sp2)

The Kaye Supine Positioner, model SP2, is a body positioner designed for use with children with neurological, severe physical, or visual disabilities. This unit provides a structure to enable children from one to six years of age to experience visually-directed play in the supine position, encouraging reaching, postural stability of the head and shoulder girdle, visual convergence, visual scanning, and visual attention. The unit consists an adjustable washabel nylon hammock support for the head

Better Baby Seat, The

The Better Baby Seat is a body positioner designed for infants with digestive, physical, and neurological disabilities. This seat can position the child at 30 degrees in the prone position to aid with gastro-esophageal reflux. A firm support for the head and trunk is included. The seat can also be used for reclined positioning. In both positions, the child is secures with a soft, roomy diaper-style seat harness. The harness and a removable, washable pad are included. OPTIONS: A vinyl pad and har

Degree Feeding Bottles

Degree Feeding Bottles are designed for use with infants and children with swallowing and eating disabilities. This botle features an angled neck to permit nursing in an upright position, providing better control of swallowing.

Doodlebug Insert (Model 1065)

The Doodlebug Insert, model 1065, is a back support cushion designed for use with Kay Kinder Chairs (see separate entry, as well as other positioning chairs and high chairs. This terry cloth covered foam support also reduces the width and depth of the chair, enabling it to be used by smaller children. The cover can be unzipped and remove for washing. COLOR: Red or light blue.

Human Beans

Human Beans are body positioners designed for use by children, teens, and adults with physical or neurological disabilities. These large, cylindrical pillows aid in positioning for side lying, prone or supine, or sitting. Available in a Sleeping Bean (adult), Teen Bean, or Kidney Bean (infant or children), all models are hypo-allergenic, filled with polyester, and covered in Staph-Check antibacterial waterproof vinyl. OPTIONS: Cotton pillow case/cover. DIMENSIONS: The Sleeping Bean is 5.5 feet l

Soft Seat Insert

The Soft Seat Insert is a cushioned child's toilet seat designed for use by children with balance disabilities. This seat fits inside the standard toilet seat to reduce the diameter of the opening and handles on each side aid in proper, secure positioning for children with poor seated balance.

Flexi Cut Cup

The Flexi Cut Cup is a nose cutout glass designed for use by individuals who drink without neck extension. The liquid is visible through the translucent cup and the one- and two-ounce models are flexible enough to be squeezed to change the shape of the lip during assisted drinking. The seven-ounce model is designed for independent drinking and is stiffer. All models are top rack dishwasher-safe (dry without heat). COLOR: The one-ounce model is pink; the two-ounce model is blue; and the seven-oun

Maroon Spoon

The Maroon Spoon is a child spoon designed for use in feeding therapy or for use with children with oral sensitivity, tongue thrust, or poor lip closure. These break-resistant plastic spoons have a long handle and a narrow bowl. SIZES: Small and large COLOR: Maroon.


The Pathfinder is a hand eye coordination and visual tracking activity designed for use with children with physical, neurological, cognitive, or visual disabilities. The wooden board features a variety of differently shaped tracks slotted through it. Multi-colored dumbbell-shapes beads can be manipulated around the tracks or they can be placed at locations on the board to create the pattern depicted on the included pattern cards. DIMENSIONS: The board is 12 x 12 inches.

Rody & Rocking Rody

Rody and Rocking Rody are balance training devices designed for use with children with physical or neurological disabilities. Rody is made of vinyl and is shaped like a horse without legs. The ears are designed for grasping. This product functions as a therapy ball and a vestibular board. Rocking Rody includes a rocking base. COLOR: Assorted.


Gym-Rings are tubular, plastic rings designed for gross motor activities such as ring toss or exercises for the hands, fingers, and arms. The rings may be combined with Theraband (see separate entry) or used to keep balles stable and in place. DIMENSIONS: 7 inches in diameter. COLOR: Red, yellow, blue, and green.

Gerry 2 Stage Toilet Seat

The Gerry 2 Stage Toilet Seat is a child's toilet seat for children two to seven years old with physical, mobility, or neurological disabilities. This seat fits over a potty seat or a standard toilet and features leg supports with two large loop handles at the top for the child to hold for balance. The seat folds for transport or storage. DIMENSIONS (DxW): The seat is 12 x 9 inches. The distance between the seat and footrest is 7 inches. The height from the floor to the toilet seat adjusts from

Pre-School Prone Stander (Model 106) & Child's Prone Stander (Model 104)

The Pre-School Prone Stander, model 106, and the Child's Prone Stander, model 104, are prone boards with casters designed for use by children with neurological or balance disabilities. These standers are designed to be supported against a sturdy table or counter. The units are adjustable to vary the angle from horizontal and adjustable table/counter rests allow positioning at different distances supporting surfaces. The units latch to the supporting surface with cord, hook, and eye screws for s

Prone Standers With Desk (Models 102, 103, & 107)

The Prone Standers with Desk, models 102, 103 and 107, are designed for use by children and adults with mobility and neurological disabilities. Models 102 and 103 are designed for children 18 months to 11 years of age, up to 58 inches tall; Model 107 is designed for users from years of age to adult, or from 48 to 71 inches tall. FRAME: Wooden with an extended base for near vertical positioning, adjustable angle varies 40 to 80 degrees from horizontal. The base has 4-inch swivel locking casters (

Bolster Chairs (Models B3, B3C, B3Ccs, B4, B4C, & B4Ccs)

Bolster Chairs, models B3 through B4CCS, are adjustable chairs with attached desks for children with neurological or severe physical disabilities up to 48 inches tall. The B3 Series is intended for children two to six years of age up to 42 inches tall. The B4 Series is designed for children five to eleven years old up to 48 inches tall. FEATURES: Models B3CCS and B4CCS have casters, an anterior support, and adjustable lateral supports. Models B3C and B4C have 4-inch swivel locking casters. Stand

Kaye Kinder Chairs (Models K1 & K2)

The Kaye Kinder Chairs are positioning chairs designed for use by children with neurological or severe physical disabilities. These wooden chairs are designed for children between one and seven years of age up to 48 inches tall. Model K1 is a low chair designed to fit under preschool tables between 17 and 25 inches tall. Model K2 has long legs and is intended for use at standard 30-inch tables. Model K2 is suitable for children who have outgrown conventional highchairs, but still require that de

Corner Chair (Models C4, C4-C, C5 & C5-C)

The Corner Chair is an adjustable corner seat designed for use by children with neurological, mobility, or severe physical disabilities. This chair provides support for asymetrical posture and midline control of the head and trunk. All models include a firm, padded insert which converts the V-shaped back to a three-section wing back. The seat can be raised so the child can be positioned with the hips and knees flexed or lowered so that the hips are flexed and the legs extended to facilitate long

Toilet Trainer (Model T2)

The Toilet Trainer, model T2, is an adjustable child commode designed for children two to seven years old, or up to 48 inches tall with hip width up to 9.75 inches with neurological or severe physical disabilities. The chair has a 3-position molded plastic seat with a removable deflector on a wooden base and padded, vinyl-covered lateral and anterior trunk supports. The chair also has an attached height-adjustable tray that tilts forward for positioning and locks in place. The unit can be emptie

Toilet Trainer (Model T3)

The Toilet Trainer, model T3, is an adjustable child's toilet seat designed for children from two to eleven years old with mobility or neurological disabilities. The seat has an adjustable tubular aluminum frame that can be used over standard or elongated toilets. The seat also features lateral and anterior trunk supports, a swing-away anterior chest cushion that locks with a safety latch for access and positioning, and a height-adjustable footrest. OPTIONS: Extension legs to accommodate highe

Kaye Adjustable Benches (Models S1-A, S2-A, S3-A, S4-A, & S5-A)

The Kaye Adjustable Benches are adjustable wooden chairs designed for use by children with lower extremity or neurological disabilities. These height-adjustable benches feature tilt capability and vinyl-covered padded seating surfaces. The benches are useful for learning to move from one level to another or for progressing from floor sitting to bench sitting or from side sitting to upright kneeling, or from sitting to standing. The benches can also be used for dressing or as tables in conjuncti

Parallel Poles With Base (Model P10)

The Parallel Poles with Base, model P10 is an adjustable standing frame with a large base designed for children one to ten years old with neurological, balance, or lower extremity disabilities. Useful for children who are just beginning to pull to stand or move in a standing position, but who do not have the balance or endurance to do so independently, the removable, aluminum bars may be used to gain arm extension with abduction and grasp in learning to get up and down from sitting to standing,

Therapy Bolsters And Stands (Models Cb13 To Cb16 & Cb20)

The Therapy Bolsters and Stands are cylindrical therapy rolls for development of balance reactions, postural alignment and trunk rotation with individuals with neurological or balance disabilities. The bolsters are made of washable vinyl covered foam wrapped around a firm core. Carrying straps are attached to each end. The bolster stands are made of wood. DIMENSIONS (Diam x L): Model CB13 is 4 x 25 inches, model CB14 is 6.5 x 40 inches, model CB15 is 8.5 x 43 inches, and model CB16 is 10 x 50 in

Therapy Mats (Models 804Yb, 805Yb, & 806Yb)

Therapy Mats are folding mats for activities requiring a firm, cushioned surface. The mats are made of plastic foam covered with non-absorbent, washable nylon- reinforced vinyl. Wide Velcro strips are attached to the ends for joining two or more mats together. DIMENSIONS: Model 804YB is 4 x 8 feet, model 805YB is 5 x 10 feet, and model 806YB is 6 x 12 feet. The mats fold in 2-foot panels for transport and storage.

Vertical Stander

The Vertical Stander is a prone standing frame for children from 18 months through 12 years who need support at the hips and pelvis to maintain standing alignment. FEATURES: The frame has a solid pelvic stabilizer for anterior, posterior and lateral positioning; a removable lower cushion for knee extension; removable adjustable foot supports for additional alignment of feet and ankles; a posterior pelvic pad that swings away and locks in place with a safety latch; removable lateral cushions; and

Easy Stringer Set (Model 3362)

The Easy Stringer Set, model 3362, is a set of beads and tubing designed to enhance eye hand coordination for children with fine motor or neurological disabilities. This product encourages finger manipulation as the child strings the visually stimulating beads on flexible plastic tubing. The bead come in two sizes and can be used to teach sorting skills by different colors and shapes. The set includes 20 beads in assorted sizes and shapes and two vinyl stringing tubes. COLOR: The tubing is clear

Visualiser Ball

The Visualizer Ball is an inflatable ball designed to provide a medium for developing eye-tracking skills or balance or strength training for children with neurological, vision, or severe physical disabilities. With a seamless, roto-molded construction, this ball features 12 multi-colored mini balls inside the transparent ball. DIMENSIONS: The ball is available in 19.75 inches, 27.5 inches, and 35.5 inches.

TFH Swing Seats

The TFH Swing Seats are swing accesories for children or adults with physical or neurological disabilities. These swing seats are designed of high density polyehtylene plastic with a pommel, four straps, and a shoulder harness with snap buckles. The straps are adjustable, as is the rake of the seat. OPTIONS: Child seat liner, leg supports, head supports for the child and teenage models, waterproof seat covers, sun shade and replacement ropes. SIZES: Child, Teenage, and Adult. DIMENSIONS: Child m

Walker-Wagon (Models Ww1 & Ww2)

Walker-Wagon is a child adjustable walker designed for use with children with neurological or balance disabilities. This wooden wagon features a metal adjustable height handle to assist the child in pulling up to a standing position and to encourage an upright posture. The handle is offset to provide for adequate stride length. The wagon also has an open storage compartment for toys and other items. DIMENSIONS: The wagon is 18.5 inches wide overall and the standing area is 14.75 inches wide betw

Kaye Play Frame (Model Rs1)

The Kaye Play Frame, model RS1, is a suspension frame for toys designed to encourage reaching, batting and swiping skills for children with neurological, upper extremity, or severe physical disabilities. The height-adjustable aluminum frame enables the toys, hung from the included plastic flowers, to be moved farther from the child to encourage further skill development as skills improve. The base of the frame fits around Kaye corner chairs, bolsters, and prone positioners (see separate entries)

Toothbrush Trainer Set

The Toothbrush Trainer Set is a three-piece toothbrush set designed for us with children with neurological, emotional, or severe physical disabilities. One brush head has standard soft bristles, and two brushes are made of flexible rubber for children who tend to bite if a bristle brush is placed in the mouth. The set can be used to stimulate the gums, palate, and teeth of children with severe oral problems without producing adverse reactions.

Kaye Posture Control Walker & Kaye Posturerest Walkers

The Posture Control Walker is a child's walker designed for use by children 18 months of age through adolescence with mobility disabilities. Available in six sizes, these reverse walkers are designed to make walking less energy consuming and improve rhythm and timing. The walkers have folding anodized aluminum frames and most models are available with two wheeled front legs and two rear legs with crutch-style tips to create friction with the floor and slow walker speed, or with four wheels. The

Gymnastik Ball

Gymnastik Balls are inflatable seamless molded vinyl balls designed specifically for therapy and exercise for children with neurological, balance, or severe physical disabilities. DIMENSIONS: Balls are available in 12-, 16-, 20-, 24-, 33-, 37- or 49-inch diameters. OPTIONS: Wall-mounted ball storage holders. COLOR: Assorted bright colors depending on size.

Kaye Posture Control Four Wheel Walker For Small Children

Kaye Posture Control Four Wheel Walker For Small Children allows users to roll the walkers forward as they shift their own weight forward. It comes equipped with one-way ratchet rear wheels, to help prevent the walker from rolling backward and away from the user. This walker helps improve cadence, velocity, energy use and step and stride length.

Kaye Corner Posture Development Chairs

The Kaye Corner Chairs provide stable, external support for children with limited postural control of their head, neck and trunk, which is important for daily functions such as breathing, speaking and eating. The chair's corner-shaped back limits scapular retraction and shoulder extension, which are problems for many children who are unstable in sitting. This frees the arms and hands for playing and other functions.

Kaye Lock-in-Place Frazier Tables

The Kaye Lock-in-Place Frazier Table is a freestanding table that is ideal for use with the Kaye Tilting Therapy Benches. The table has a curved cut-out so it can be moved close to the child, providing maximum surface space while stabilizing the arms and shoulders. The Kaye Lock-in-Place Frazier Table is height and angle adjustable for optimum positioning. The table is ideal for children with developmental disorders who are easily distracted and often will not remain seated.


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