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Reacher (Model 6006)

The Reacher, model 6006, is a wooden reacher designed to assist individuals in picking up objects without bending or stretching. This large, wooden scissor-style reacher features a scissor grip, non-slip ends, and a magnetic tip. DIMENSIONS: 27 inches long.

Safety Frame

The Safety Frame is an aluminum safety frame that attaches to the hinge of a toilet seat. The feet have plastic tips on them. DIMENSIONS (WxH): 18 x 27 inches.

Rocker Knife-Fork (Model 6505)

The Rocker Knife-Fork, model 6505, is a combination knife and fork designed to simplify cutting and eating for individuals with the use of only one hand. The knife-fork has a curved blade with 3 tines on the end and is made of stainless steel with a solid handle.

Aluminum E-Z Reach (Models 6366 & 6367)

The Aluminum E-Z Reach is a reacher designed for people who need assistance reaching objects without significant bending or stretching. The reacher can handle objects weighing up to two pounds, but can also pick up a dime or hold a paper cup without crushing it. The reacher has a vertical grip and a voluntary closing and the grasping end has rubber grips. DIMENSIONS: Length, 30 inches (6367) or 20 inches (6366). WEIGHT: 9 ounces.

Plastic Drinking Straws (Model 6049)

Plastic Drinking Straws, model 6049, are straws with a flexible neck which stays in place after bending. Each straw is individually wrapped and disposable.

Plastic External Catheter Insert (Models 6817 & 6895)

The Plastic Inserts are external catheter inserts designed for use in assembling external catheters. The insert is tapered to prevent the sheath from slipping or separating from tubing and the smooth rounded edges will not tear the sheath. Package of 100 (6817); package of 10 (6895)

Urinary Drainage Bag (Model 6031)

The Urinary Drainage Bag is a disposable drainage bag designed for use with catheters. The bag hangs onto a wheelchair, stretcher or bed. It has a built-in tilt-proof drip chamber and a latex bottom drain. CAPACITY: Two quarts. DIMENSIONS: 60-inch long tube with a 9/32 inch interior diameter.

Skin Cement (Model 6004)

Skin Cement is designed to be used with external catheters and ostomy appliances. The cement will insure a leakproof seal and can also be used when applying small dressings and bandages where body contours make firm anchorage difficult. SIZE: 3 ounce tube.

Adhesive Remover (Model 6197)

Adhesive Remover, model 6197, is designed to dissolve skin cement and adhesives. It allows removal of appliances without irritating the skin. SIZE: Eight ounce can.

C Clamp (Model 6039)

The C-clamp, model 6039, is a catheter clamp designed to be used for a catheter tube. The clamp is of a screw down pressure clamp style.

Clamp Metal Snap Type (Model 6060)

The Clamp Metal Snap Type is a clamp designed to be used with a catheter. The metal clamp is a spring type, snap catheter clamp and requires finger function.

Clamp Metal Lever Type (Model 6040)

The Clamp Metal Lever Type, model 6040, is a catheter clamp. The short lever requires some finger function.

Catheter Connector (Models 6030, 6568, 6779, 6782, 6055, & 6056)

The Catheter Connector is a plastic connector for catheter tubing. The connectors are available with a straight plastic end (models 6779 and 6782) or a "Y" connector (models 6055 and 6056). DIMENSIONS: .25 to .5 inch (6030), 3/8 to 5/8 inch (6568); Straight Plastic model is 5/16 outer diameter x 2.25 inch long (6779), or 3/8 inch outer diameter x 2 1/4 inch long (6782); the "Y" Connectors have 1/4 inch tubing (6055), or 3/8 inch tubing (6056).

Rubber Tubing (Models 6035 & 6219)

Rubber Tubing is a catheter accessory designed for use as drainage tubing. The tubing is an amber colored and made of natural rubber. DIMENSIONS: 5 feet long x 5/16 inch inside diameter (6035), 5 feet long x 1/4 inch inside diameter (6219).

External Catheter Disposable (Models 5057, 5079, & 7039)

External Catheter Disposable is an external catheter designed for use by men with urinary incontinence. An elastic foam strap holds the catheter in place and the latex sheath provides a snug fit. The connector permits attachment, via drainage tubing (not included), to any drainage bag.

Urinals (Models 6042 & 6043)

These urinals are made of heavy duty plastic with handles and are available in two models, one for men (6042, $4.95) and one for women (6043, $6.20). The male urinal has an attached snap-on lid. SIZES: Both are graduated to 1000 cc.

Banish Liquid Deodorant (Models 6200 & 6338)

Banish Liquid Deodorant is an odor control deodorant designed for use with ostomy appliances. It may be used with leg bags. SIZES: 8 ounces (6338) or 1 1/4 ounce (6200).

Urocare Latex Leg Bag (Models 6765, 6820, & 6769)

The Urocare Latex Leg Bag is designed for use with catheters. The leg bag is seamless and has three strap positions. It comes complete with top adapter, a patented silicone flutter valve, a twist open drain and three adjustable latex straps. DIMENSIONS (LxW): 14 x 5 inches (Large, model 6765); 10 x 5 inches (Medium, 6820); 10 x 4 inches (Small, 6769). SIZES: Large is 32 ounces; Medium is 26 ounces; and Small is 18 ounces.

Tfx Vinyl Leg Bag (Models 6625 & 6626)

The TFX Vinyl Leg Bag is designed for use with catheters. This leg bag has an anti-reflux valve, a push-pull outlet valve at the bottom and adjustable leg straps. SIZES: 32 ounces Large (6625) or 19 ounces Medium (6626).

Fitz-All Leg Bag Straps (Models 6831, 6828, 6833, & 6826)

Fitz-All Leg Bag Straps are leg bag straps designed for use with vinyl leg bags. These straps are made of fabric and elastic with Velcro fasterners and will fit most disposable vinyl type urinary leg bags. They are reusable and may be machine washed. SIZES: All are 2 inches wide; Xtra Small measures 9 to 13 inches (6831); Small is 13 to 20 inches (6828); Medium is 17 to 23 inches (6833); and Large is 21 to 30 inches (6826).

Irrigation Syringe 50 Cc (Model 6027)

The Syringe (Irrigation) 50 cc is an irrigation syringe designed for cathether and wound irrigation. The two piece bulb syringe is calibrated in 1 cc increments.

Bard Foley Catheter (Models 6688, 6689, 6690, 6691, & 6692)

The Bard Foley Catheter is an internal catheter. It is Teflon coated and luer syringe inflation, 5cc. SIZES: 16 Fr (6688), 18 Fr (6689), 20 Fr (6690), 22 Fr (6691), 24 Fr (6692).

Tfx/foley Catheter (Models 6693, 6694, 6695, 6696, & 6697)

The TFX/Foley Catheter is an internal catheter which is teflon coated inside and outside. Luer syringe inflation, 5cc. SIZES: 16 Fr (6693), 18 Fr (6694), 20 Fr (6695), 22 Fr (6696), 24 Fr (6697).

Catheter Inflation Syringe (Models 6896 & 6842)

Catheter Inflation Syringes are designed for inflation of retention-type catheters. They are made of plastic and are non-sterile. SIZES: 12 cc (6896); 35 cc (6842).

Folding Ice Bag (Model 6208)

The Folding Ice Bag is designed to be flexible against the body's contours. This pleated bag has a velour rubber finish. DIMENSIONS: 9 inch diameter. CAPACITY: Expands to hold 1 quart.

Uni-Care And Other Skin Care Products (Models 6473, 6322, 6323, 6324, & 6199)

The Uni-Care and other Skin Care Products include skin cleansers, moisturizers and waterproof lubricants designed to soothe irritated skin. A gum powder for treating skin breakdown and irritated skin is also available. All are designed for use with urinary and ostomy appliances.

Crutch Handgrips (Models 6018 & 6475)

Crutch Handgrips are handgrip cushions made of molded sponge rubber with a ribbed inside surface. The handgrips come in both an open style (6018) and a closed style (6475).

Wash Basin (Model 6465)

The Wash Basin is a portable sink designed for washing or soaking away from a bathtub. The basin is rectangular. DIMENSIONS (WxLxH): 9 1/2 x 12 1/2 x 4 inches. CAPACITY: 7 quarts.

Toilet Seat Cushion (Model 6805)

The Toilet Seat Cushion, model 6805, is made of 2-inch thick foam with a white Naugahyde cover. The cushion fastens to standard closed or open front toilet seat with 4 adjustable Velcro straps.

Deluxe Raised Toilet Seat (Model 6345)

The Deluxe Raised Toilet Seat, model 6345, is a molded plastic elevated toilet seat designed to assist individuals with difficulties with their legs or knees which make deep-bending problematic. The contoured seat elevates the toilet seat by 5 inches. It is made of one piece molded construction with side hand grips and is completely portable. WEIGHT: 5 pounds.

Crutch Pads (Model 6017)

Crutch Pads are underarm cushions designed to pad the top of axillary crutches to make them more comfortable. The pads are made of molded sponge rubber with a ribbed inside surface.

Crutch Tips (Models 6020 & 6021)

The Crutch Tips are designed to fit on the bottom of crutches for better traction. The tips are made of natural rubber with a swivel design for traction and flexibility. Shock is absorbed by a large cushioned base. The tips have wide vacuum sealings grip. DIMENSIONS: 1 7/16 inch diameter base x 2 inches high (Medium, $1.65) and 2 inch diameter base x 3 inches high (Super, $2.75).

Portable Elevated Toilet Seat (Models 6105 & 6106)

The Portable Elevated Toilet Seat is designed to assist those for whom sitting on a lower seat is difficult. The seat adjusts from 4 inches to 8 inches elevation for maximum comfort. The 4 steel support brackets are rubberized to protect the toilet bowl and fit all standard toilets. The seat has a built-in splash guard. OPTIONS: White enameled seat (6105) or Deluxe padded seat (6106).

Safety Guardrails (Model 6336)

Safety Guardrails, model 6336, are adjustable safety frames designed to provide extra support for individuals when using the toilet. The unit installs between the seat and the bowl. Either or both arms may be removed by push button locks. The legs have plastic tips to protect the floor. DIMENSIONS: Height adjusts from 15 to 20 inches; width adjusts from 17 to 20 inches.

Safety Armrest (Model 6287)

The Safety Armrest, model 6287, is an anodized aluminum safety frame designed for those who need extra support when using the toilet. The armrest installs between the seat and the bowl and plastic sleeves prevent marring of the bowl; there are no floor supports. The frame pivots up for cleaning. The armrest raises the toilet seat by 1 inch. DIMENSIONS: Armrest height is 12 inches above the bowl; the width between arms is 18 1/2 inches.

Sitz Bath (Model 6148)

Sitz Bath is made of durable plastic with a contoured seat that fits inside standard toilet seat. Irrigation container and tubing are included.

Draw Sheet (Models 6177 & 6178)

The Draw Sheet is a waterproof sheet designed to protect bedding from moisture. The draw sheet is non-skid, reversible, flameproof and hypoallergenic. DIMENSIONS: 36 x 54 inches (6177), 36 x 72 inches (6178).

Pillow Protector (Model 6179)

The Pillow Protector, model 6179, is designed to protect pillows from moisture. The protector is made from plasticized rayon tricot with a rustproof zipper. It is flameproof, hypoallergenic and machine washable. SIZE: Standard bed pillow.

Mattress Protector (Models 7001, 7002, 7003, & 7004)

The Mattress Protector is a mattress cover designed to protect the mattress from moisture. The protector is contoured, flameproof, and hypoallergenic; made of white opaque plastic. DIMENSIONS: 39 x 75 inches (Twin); 54 x 75 inches (Full); 60 x 80 inches (Queen); 76 x 80 inches (King).

Vinyl Inflatable Ring (Model 7005)

Vinyl Inflatable Ring is an inflatable ring seat cushion. The firmness is determined by the amount of inflation. DIMENSIONS: 15 inches x 16 1/2 inches.

Heel Protector (Model 6462)

The Heel Protector, model 6462, is designed to aid in the prevention of irritation and pressure sores for individuals who spend most of their time in bed. The protectors permit the movement of the feet and are made of Kodel polyester pile with a Velcro closure. SIZES: One size fits all.

Disposable Washcloths (Model 6142)

Disposable Washcloths, model 6142, are designed to replace cotton washcloths. They are absorbent, lint free and can be reused. Size: 11 x 13 inches.

Disposable Bedpads (Models 6144, 6172, 6327, & 6328)

The Disposable Bedpad is a bed underpad designed to prevent moisture from reaching the mattress. It has a nonwoven top, absorbent cellulose center, and a plastic back. DIMENSIONS: 23 x 36 inches (Bag of 25: 6144, Box of 150: 6172); 17 x 24 inches (Box of 25: 6327, Box of 300: 6328)

Ankle Support Or Knee Support

The Ankle or Knee Supports are washable stretch elastic orthoses. The ankle model has an open toe and heel. SIZES: Both models come Small, Medium, or Large.

Omron Digital Blood Pressure Kit (Model 7028)

The Omron Digital Blood Pressure Kit, model 7028, is an electronic sphygmomanometer designed to make taking blood pressure easier and without needing a stethoscope. The kit has fully automatic inflation and deflation of the cuff and a large LCD angled digital panel which gives the systolic and diastolic reading. The unit folds into its own carrying case. POWER: 4 "AA" batteries (not included).

Foam Ring Cushion (Models 6331 & 6332)

The Foam Ring Cushion is a molded foam ring seat cushion. The cushion conforms to body contours and has a removable washable dacron cotton cover. DIMENSIONS: 16 x 14 x 2 inches (6331) or 18 x 15 x 2 inches (6332).

Flotation Cushion (Model 7019)

The Flotation Cushion, model 7019, is a water flotation seat cushion designed to alleviate pressure for individuals who spend most of their time in a seated position. The cushion is filled with a low viscosity water based gel enclosed in a heat sealed heavy gauge vinyl. The cotton cover has handles and a zipper for removal and cleaning. DIMENSIONS: 16 x 18 x 2 inches. COLOR: Dark Blue.

Foam Wheelchair Cushion (Models 6476 Thru 6484)

The Foam Wheelchair Cushion is a foam seat cushion designed for the comfort of individuals who use wheelchairs. The cushion is made of firm polyfoam. OPTIONS: Brown polyester/cotton fabric covers with Velcro closure available (5104-5112). DIMENSIONS: 16 x 16 inches, 16 x 18 inches, or 18 x 18 inches and 2, 3 or 4 inch thicknesses.

Clear Acrylic Wheelchair Tray (Model 6662)

The Clear Acrylic Wheechair Tray, model 6662, is a lapboard designed for attachment to a wheelchair with Velcro straps. It is transparent, lightweight and has a universal design. DIMENSIONS (LxWxH): 23 x 19 x 1/4 inches. WEIGHT: 3 pounds.

Cushion Stop (Model 5035)

The Cushion Stop, model 5035, is a cushion retainer designed to prevent a cushion from sticking out the back of a wheelchair. The heavy cotton duck fabric insert attaches permanently to the seat and back of the wheelchair to prevent the cushion from sliding out. Grommets in the webbing straps attach to the upholstery screws on the back and seat. SIZE: For standard adult or narrow adult wheelchair.

Wheelchair Seatbelt (Models 6880 & 6886)

The Wheelchair Seatbelt is a belt restraint designed to keep individuals in wheelchairs from falling forward out of the chair. It can be permanently attached to the upholstery screws and has a Velcro closure. DIMENSIONS: Both models are 2 inches wide; Small (6880) is 32 to 42 inches long, Large (6886) is 42 to 52 inches long.

Mulepack (Model 7012) & Mulepack Ii (Model 7013)

The Mulepacks are wheelchair back pouches designed to carry things for the person in a wheelchair. Each caddy is made of heavy urethane coated Nylon pack cloth with a strong poly webbing for the straps and 2-way zippers with steel rings for good grip when opening or closing. The Mulepack II (7012) has a main storage area with a wallet and key pouch and large envelope pocket. The Mulepack I has a main storage area and one front envelope pocket. The packs will fit wheelchairs with or without push

Wheelchair Single Leg Strap (Model 7016)

The Wheelchair Single Leg Strap, model 7016, is a legrest strap designed to prevent the legs of wheelchair users from slipping behind the footplates. The strap is made of strong poly webbing with a Velcro closure. SIZE: Fits standard adult or narrow adult wheelchairs. COLORS: Black.

Wheelchair Double Leg Strap (Model 7017)

The Wheelchair Double Leg Strap, model 7017, is a legrest strap designed to prevent the feet of wheelchair users from slipping off of the footplates. The straps are made of strong poly webbing with a Velcro closure. The two straps with connecting straps attach to the wheelchair leg assemblies. SIZE: Fits standard adult or narrow adult wheelchairs. COLOR: Black.

Wheelchair Heel Loops (Model 7018)

The Wheelchair Heel Loops, model 7018, are designed to prevent the feet of wheelchair users from slipping off of the footplates. The loops are made of strong poly webbing. DIMENSIONS: 2 inches high. COLOR: Black.

Spoon With Built Up Handle (Models 6509 & 6510)

Spoon with Built Up Handle is a spoon designed to be easier to grip to aid those with grasping difficulties. The spoon is made of stainless steel permanently joined to durable built up plastic handles. Two models are available: a Teaspoon (6509) or Soup Spoon (6510).

Pick-Up Tongs (Model 6079)

Pick-Up Tongs are tongs designed to assist people in reaching an object just out of range. The scissor-grip tongs are made of chrome-plated steel. DIMENSIONS: 15 inches long.

Fork With Hard Built Up Handle

The Fork with Hard Built Up Handle is a stainless steel fork with large plastic built up handle for easier grip.

Drinking Straws (Model 6791)

Drinking Straws, model 6791, are extra long, flexible polyethylene straws and may be cut to the length desired. DIMENSIONS: 18 inches long.

Kodel-Bed And Chair Pads (Models 6075, 6076, & 6077)

Kodel-Bed and Chair Pads are decubitus pads designed to reduce friction for individuals who spend much of their time in bed. The Kodel pad allows for even distribution of pressure, permits air circulation and free drainage. It requires no special handling when cleaning and may be autoclaved or machine washed. The pad is stain resistant, flame resistant, non-allergenic and will not support bacterial growth. DIMENSIONS: 15 x 15 inches (6075); 30 x 40 inches (6076); 30 x 60 inches (6077).

Anodized Aluminum Grab Bar (Models 6128, 6070, & 6129)

The Anodized Aluminum Grab Bar is a wall-mounted grab bar designed for individuals who need some assistance in maintaining their balance in a given setting. DIMENSIONS: 1 inch in diameter; extends 2 1/2 inches from the wall; length is 12 inches between mounting holes (6128); 18 inches between mounting holes (6070); or 24 inches between mounting holes (6129).

Shampoo Tray (Model 6194)

The Shampoo Tray, model 6194, is a plastic shampoo basin designed for shampooing hair in bed. The tray has a molded head rest, deep sides, and a channel to direct water to a container beside bed. This tray may also be useful for eye and ear irrigations.

No Stoop Shoehorn (Model 7020)

The No Stoop Shoehorn, model 7020, is a long-handled shoe horn designed to assist individuals who find it difficult to bend over. The shoehorn is made of chrome plated steel. DIMENSIONS: 24 inches long.

Knife With Built Up Handle (Model 6507)

The Knife with Built Up Handle, model 6507, is a table knife designed to be easier to grip for individuals with grasping difficulties. The knife is made of stainless steel permanently joined to durable built-up plastic handles. OPTIONS: Fork (6508), Teaspoon (6509) and Soup Spoon (6510) are also available. DIMENSIONS: 1 inch diameter.

Male Urinal (Model 6801)

The Male Urinal, model 6801, is a sheath urinal. It has a stretchable fabric belt with an adjustable closure which fits a wide range of waist sizes. The set comes with a soft latex sheath which snaps off for easy care, straight through adapter for connecting to leg bag or use as drip urinal with standard bottom adapter. The belt may be hand or machine washed.

Portable Folding Bed Board (Model 6009)

The Portable Folding Bed Board, model 6009, is designed to make mattresses firmer. The board folds into four 15-inch sections for easy handling. The unit is made of 7-ply Aircel Board with linen finish. DIMENSIONS: 5 feet long x 30 inches wide x 1/2 inch thick. SIZE: Twin.

Four-Purpose Mirror (Model 6052)

The Four-Purpose Mirror, model 6052, is a mirror with a neck bracket designed for hands free use. The mirror may also be used as a standing, hanging, or hand mirror. One side is plain and the other magnified. The frame has adjustable lock-wings. DIMENSIONS: 5 inches in diameter; 12 inches high.

Extra Long Bib (Model 6068)

The Extra Long Bib, model 6068, is a plastic bib designed to protect the area from the neck to the knees from spills. The bib is made of flexible waterproof vinyl. DIMENSIONS: 36 x 24 inches wide.


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