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Rustic Elevated Garden Bed

The Rustic Elevated Garden Bed is a raised garden bed designed for individuals with mobility disability, balance disability, lower extremity disability, or have difficulty bending. Made from Western Red Cedar, this garden bed has legs and a bottom base so that users can place it anywhere within easy reach and tend to their garden. And with its dovetail design, users can slide the boards together without having to use any tools. The Rustic Elevated Garden Bed is ideal for planting small plots of

Garden Treasures Watering Stake

The Garden Treasures Watering Stake is a watering tool designed to help individuals with mobility disability, balance disability, or lower or upper extremity disability water their garden. Once the watering stake has been filled with water, place it in the soil. The stake will slowly release water into the garden to nourish the plants. The Garden Treasures Watering Stake can be used both indoor and outdoor, in raised or ground-level gardens.

Dishdrawer Single Drawer Dishwasher (Model Ds605)

The DishDrawer Single Drawer Dishwasher, model DS605, is an under counter dishwasher designed for use by individuals who use wheechairs or who have difficulty bending over. This compact dishwasher holds five place settings in a drawer located just under the kitchen counter. Features includes nine cycles for specific washing needs, a flow-through detergent dispenser, electronic controls, nylon racks, a delay wash option, and sound insulation. OPTIONS: Two-drawer model (model DD605) with one draw

Kwikset Signature Series Door Levers

Kwikset Signature Series Door Levers are lever door handles designed for use by individuals with grasping disabilities. Levers come in a variety of handle styles, including Ashfield, Avalon, Brooklane, Commonwealth, Pembroke, Lido, and Tustin. Most handle styles are curved, with or without scrolling. The Ashfield handle is straight and thick. Most styles are handed. Tustin is a reversible handle style that fits both right handed and left handed doors. The handle is available with a keyed lockset

Zuli Smartplug

Zuli Smartplug is a device that turns plugs into smart plugs so that devices can be attached. This device can be used by individuals with memory problems and limited mobility. The user can control the devices from a cell phone or tablet. The device allows the user to turn any light into a dimming light and will know when the user enters the room and turn on or off lights accordingly. The user can schedule their devices so that they turn on or off at a set time. 

Gatehouse Customizable Access Ramp

The Gatehouse Customizable Access Ramp is a modular ramp system designed for use to provide wheelchair access for individuals with lower extremity or mobility disabilities or spinal cord injury. The system includes a flexible substructure of aluminum and galvanized steel that can be configured to fit specific site layouts, and finished with a variety of decking and railing options, including wood. Available components include Diagonal cross bracing, landings (right turn, left turn, and U-turn),


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