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Half-Qwerty One-Handed And Two-Handed Keyboard

The Half-Qwerty One-Handed and Two-Handed Keyboard is a one-handed keyboard designed for use by individuals with use of only one hand, hemiplegia, carpal tunnel syndrome on one side, and other disabilities of the hand. This keyboard can also be used in conjunction with a braille dispaly by people with blindness or low vision. This full keyboard has a standard QWERTY layout that allows one-handed typing with either hand as well as standard two-handed typing. For one-handed typing, the user places

Half-Qwerty One-Handed Keyboard Software

The Half-QWERTY One-handed Keyboard Software is a one-hand keyboard modification program designed to allow a standard keyboard to also function as a one-handed keyboard, using a technique similar to two-handed touch typing. The user types with one hand in the standard home-row position for that hand. To type characters of the other hand, the user simply holds down the space bar and performs the finger movement previously performed by the other hand. Hitting the space bar only generates a space.

Matias Irizer Portable Ergonomic Laptop Stand

The Matias iRizer Portable Ergonomic Laptop Stand is a notebook/laptop computer support designed for use by individuals with carpal tunnel syndrome or other upper extremity disabilities. The unit helps prevent neck and wrist pain by raising the laptop keyboard and screen to a more comfortable angle for typing. It also allows air to circulate freely under the laptop, so it runs cooler and quieter. The stand fits virtually any laptop. It adjusts to four heights and can be set at an angle of 20, 30

Half Keyboard

The Half Keyboard is a compact one-handed keyboard designed for use by individuals with upper extremity amputation, hand injury, or who have had a stroke. This keyboard allows the user to touch type with one hand, using existing typing skills. The user places a hand on the keyboard, in the standard position. The letters under the hand are exactly the same as on a standard keyboard. To get the other half of the keyboard, the user holds down the space bar. To type a space, the user taps the space

Matias Tactile Pro Keyboard

The Matias Tactile Pro Keyboard is a keyboard with tactile keys designed for use by individuals who benefit from tactile feedback, including touch typists who are blind or have low vision. Each key is built on an individual Alps mechanical switch, which provides tactile feedback and audible clicks when the key is pressed. The keyboard also allows faster typing speeds, as anti-ghosting circuitry (also called n-key rollover) allows the user to type faster without missing or added letters. The key

Matias 508 Keyboard

The Matia 508 Keyboard is a one-hand keyboard designed for use by individuals with upper extremity amputation, stroke, or hand injury. This full-size keyboard allows both one-handed and two-handed typing. The user can touch-type with the left hand, the right hand, or both hands. The keys are built on rubber dome keyswitches that provide a quiet tactile feel, with enough resistance to hold the weight of the user's hands and reduce long-term fatigue. The user places a hand where it would normally

Half-QWERTY 508 Keyboard

The Half-QWERTY 508 Keyboard is designed for use by individuals with carpal tunnel syndrome and other disabilities of the hand or wrist. Can be used for One-Handedness, Hemiplegia, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and other hand-related injuries. The Half-QWERTY Keyboard from Matias is a standard desktop keyboard that allows those with limited or no use of one hand to continue typing with the other hand in an easy and natural manner.


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