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Milbat Memory Game

The Milbat Memory Game is a perception game designed for use by children with cognitive or neurological disabilities. Made of wood and Plexiglas, the game requires players to draw metal balls through the maze with a magnet to place the balls in the holes according to the pattern on the included cards. OPTIONS: Hand strap for the magnet.

Thinking Plus

Thinking Plus is a board game for people with fine motor, learning and cognitive disabilities designed to improve pattern and color recognition skills. The user moves and arranges colorful buttons according to patterns of different levels of difficulty. DIMENSIONS (LxW): 45 x 30 centimeters.

Milbat Sculpting With Pipes

Sculpting with Pipes is a eye hand coordination activity designed for use by children and adults with fine motor or neurological disabilities. Designed for users of all skill levels, this set of plastic pipes and elbow joints enables users to create endless three-dimensional designs and patterns.

Milbat Keyboard Guard

The Keyboard Guard is custom keyboard designed for use by individuals with upper extremity disabilities. Available with or without a USB connector, the keyboard is contained in a metal tray to protect it from impact.

Milbat Thinking Games Puzzle

The MILBAT Thinking Games Puzzle is a large knobbed wood puzzle with large pieces designed for use by people with cognitive, learning, grasping or fine motor disabilities. Available in a heart or oval shape, this puzzle has 8 or 9 pieces. Each piece has a knob to facilitate grasping, and for those who are unable to grasp the knob or the piece, the knob can be unscrewed leaving a metal plate. The puzzle includes a cuff with a magnet that fits around the user's palm, and the user can lift and plac

Milbat Playing Card Holder

The Milbat Playing Card Holder is a playing card holder designed for use by individuals with arthritis, hand tremors, or use of only one hand. This upward curved device has three rows with elevated slots to keep cards in position. The holder can be placed on a table or any flat surface and can accommodate 15 cards per interval.

Milbat Universal Cuff

The Milbat Universal Cuff is a grasping aid for hand designed for use by individuals with grasping disabilities, arthritis, or limited hand function. Designed to provide assistance in holding or grasping items such as utensils and other small items, this handmade cuff fastens around the hand with Velcro straps that adjust to fit most hands. The cuff is made of lightweight washable mesh. SIZES: One size fits most.

Milbat Universal Book Holder-Reading Helper

The Milbat Universal Book Holder-Reading Helper is a bookholder designed for use by individuals with upper extremity disabilities or arthritis, severe physical disabilities or spinal cord injury. Made of wood, the unit has adjustable metal clamps to hold most books in place. The angle can be adjusted to meet the user's needs.


The Laborius is a portable commode and toileting supply kit for people with moderate incontinence and other disabilities that limit their ability to reach an accessible bathroom when needed. The kit was planned and designed for use in homes, hotels, outdoors and even in the homes of friends and relatives whose toilets are not handicapped-accessible. The kit includes screen walls to ensure privacy of the user, commode, kit for absorbing urine and feces, a button for summoning assistance, cleaning


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