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Spinner Knob (Model 3520B,3520G & 3520W)

The Spinner Knob, model 3520B, 3520G, and 3520W, is a steering wheel spinner designed for use by individuals who use driving hand controls or who have upper extremity disabilities. Designed to assist drivers turn the steering wheel, this device presses firmly against the palm of the hand offering added strength and control for ease in driving. COLORS: Black (Model 3520B, gray(Model 3520G, or woodgrain (3520W).

Steering Control Palm Grip (Model 3523)

The Steering Control Palm Grip, model 3523B, is a steering wheel spinner designed for use by individuals who use driving hand controls or who have upper extremity disabilities. This lightweight aluminum wrap adjusts to fit the hand and offers a firm strength that holds the shape for secure steering control, and a raised finger rest protects the fingers from contact with the steering wheel. Other features includes a soft sheepskin liner that protects the hands and provides warmth in winter.

Steering Control Hook Grip (Model 3521)

The Steering Control Hook Grip, model 3521, is a spinner ring designed for use by individuals who use a two-finger prosthetic hook when driving. The device attaches to a bar mounted on the steering wheel in a ball bearing spinner receptacle. To secure the steering wheel for ease in handling, the user places one finger on the outside of the spinner ring while postioning the other finger on the inside.

Steering Control Tri-Pin Grip (Model 3522)

The Steering Control Tri-pin Grip, model 3522, is a steering spinner bar designed for use on vehicles with power steering for persons with no tensor control in the wrist. This device is a three-pin grip designed to comfortably position and secure the hand and wrist on the steering wheel. The pins are lightweight and adjustable, and attaches across the diameter of the steering wheel. An available counter weight diminishes the weight of the grip so that it can be mounted on either side of the ste

Shoprider Smartie (Model Ul8W)

The Shoprider Smartie, model UL8W, is a powered wheelchair designed for use by individuals with lower extremity, mobility or neurological disabilities, spinal cord injury, or arthritis. FRAME (LxWxH): The overall dimensions, including the footplate, are 36 x 23 x 37 inches. The ground clearance is 2 inches, and the turning radius is 15.5 inches. Rear anti-tips are included. This portable chair can be dismantled into three parts for transport. The base is available in red and blue. CONTROLS: VSI

Classic Hand Control Foam Grip Offset (Model 3500Fx)

The Classic Hand Control Foam Grip Offset, model 3500FX, is a hand control designed to allow individuals with lower extremity disabilities to operate the accelerator and brake of a motor vehicle with one hand. For comfort and added leverage when braking and accelerating, this handle and grip are designed to be two inches longer than most standard hand controls. The offset handle is fully adjustable 360 degrees to provide additional knee clearance for taller users while permitting full accelerati


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