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The Outback is a child's manual tilt-in-space wheelchair designed for use by children with mobility or severe physical disabilities. FRAME: Adjustable tilt-in-space frame with built-in growth capability. A one-piece, height-adjustable stroller handle and anti-tippers are included. The frame width adjusts from 11.5 to 15.75 inches and the base length is adjustable. The frame is available in Uluru red, Daintree green, or clear blue. SEAT: The seat depth ranges from 5.9 to 20 inches. The seat heigh

Kiwi Bath Chair

The Kiwi Bath Chair is a bath seat designed for use with children with mobility disabilities. This unit features a hand-operated mechanism to raise and lower the seat for positioning during bathing and transfers. A lever enables the unit be secured in the tub without permanent fixtures and it can be removed as needed. The unit features a mesh seat with positioning straps. DIMENSIONS: The unit fits children measuring 27 inches from the bottom of the buttocks to the mid-ear. When removed from the

Omni Stander

The Mulholland Omni Stander is a mobile standing aid designed to meet a variety of standing needs for children with mobility disabilities. The unit converts from a prone stander to a supine stander to a mobile prone stander. Adjustable postural supports accommodate growth and changing needs. The large, quick-release wheels include handrims for self-propulsion and the stander can be disassembled without tools for transport and storage.

Black Magic

The Black Magic is a child bath seat designed for use with children with physical disabilities. This device features a mesh seat which can be lowered into the tub and raised to the top of the tub using a manual lever. The frame rests on the edges of the tub and can be mounted and removed from a standard tub without permanent fixtures. Positioning straps are standard. DIMENSIONS: The maximum user height is 27 inches. CAPACITY: 65 pounds.

Modular Posture Control Systems: Pelvic Positioner

The Modular Posture Control Systems are modular positioning systems that easily attach to conventional wheelchairs. The Pelvic Positioner are designed as heavy-duty, multipositional, curved independent pads that bear on the sub-asis to secure the pelvis. They limit pelvic rotation, tilt, and obliquity. The positioners are available for both the track style mounting and the hex. The track style positioners are released by lifting the knurled portion of the pivot. They are then rotated outwards fo

Rocket Stander

The Rocket Stander is a mobile standing aid designed to allow postural drainage for children who have a physical disability. The stander provides precise postural support and variable angle adjustability in standing. It also converts to allow for postural drainage and folds for storage. OPTIONS: A variety of component options are available. SIZE: Available in two sizes.

Walkabout Iii

The Walkabout III is a junior walker designed to provide a standing opportunity for juniors and adults with muscle weakness, atypcal postural reflexes or limited active range of motion disabilities. As the user steps foward, the stander provides spring-assisted lift while allowing forward movement. It can also be positioned in front of a table and locked, while providing the opportunity for active flexion and extension with spring assisted lift. The Walkabout is tension adjustable to graduate no

Biocar Rolo

The Biocar Rolo is a crawler for children 33 to 41 inches long. The child lies in a prone position and propels it with the use of hands on floor. It is designed to promote crawling and playing at floor level, and can be adapated to individual body dimensions and posture of the child, and fixation of the pelvis and feet. DIMENSIONS: Adjustable length 25 to 31 inches long. Width 16 inches. Adjustable height from floor 5 to 6 inches. WEIGHT: 10 pounds.


The Walkabout is an ambulation aid for children who lack trunk stability or balance. Size adjustments include height, width, girth of chest controls and hip controls. The main column is height and angle adjustable. It is constructed of a lightweight aluminum alloy. It has a wheeled base with front casters and folds up for transportability. WEIGHT: 20 pounds.

Growth Guidance Systems (Ggs)

Growth Guidance Systems (GGS) are child's tilt-in-space wheelchairs designed for use by children with mobility, neurological, or severe physical disabilities. FRAME (WxL): The frame is available in Toddler 1, Toddler 2, Toddler 3, Youth 1, Youth 2, Youth 3, Junior Adult 1, Junior Adult 2, or Junior Adult 3 configurations. The standard frame is a folding step-release tilt-in-space frame. Also available are a folding base with manual release tilt and a rigid base with or without step-release tilt.

Growth Guidance Standing Systems

The Growth Guidance Standing Systems is a prone standing system on a wheeled base: toddler, youth or junior sizes. Size adjustments include girth adjustment of pelvic hip control, height and width of knee controls, height of foot controls, height and girth of chest control. Position adjustability includes anterior and posterior bands at all controls, placement of lateral supports, medial lateral position of knee controls, position of chin rest, column tilt, tray angle, position of neckrest and s


The Wheelabout is a wheeled standing aid for children. It includes the Mulholland Prone Stander with 24 inch spoked side drive wheels with handrims for propulsion (standard wheelchair wheels), and front and rear casters for stability. Chest, hip and knee supports are adjustable. Degree of pronated tilt is adjustable. Wheel position is adjustable for optimal hand placement on handrim. The unit is made of an aluminum alloy. CAPACITY: For users weighing up to 50 pounds, and measuring from 34 inches


The Acrobat is a folding tilt-in-space wheelchair designed for use by children with lower extremity, mobility, or neurological disabilities or spinal cord injury. FRAME: 12 to 14 inches, 14 to 16 inches, or 16 to 18 inches. The folding frame is equipped with anti-tippers and comes in a choice of black, navy blue, deep purple, red, or teal. SEAT: 2-inch wide seatbelt with auto buckle is optional. ARMRESTS: Angle-adjustable swing-away armrests with telescoping tray supports. BRAKES: Includes bra


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