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Trackir 4:pro

TrackIR 4:Pro is a mouse emulator designed for use by individuals with severe physical or upper extremity disabilities or spinal cord injury. This optical head tracking system has 6 degrees of freedom and a 46-degree field of view, and is designed for use with a flat panel monitor with 716 x 290 pixel screen resolution. It enables the user to control PC-based video games and simulations through head movement. The unit comes with a 2.5-millimeter USB cable. COMPATIBILITY: For use on IBM and compa

Smartnav 4 At

The SmartNav 4 AT is a hands-free mouse desinged for use by individuals with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), spinal cord injury (SCI), muscular dystrophy, or other neurological or upper extremity disabilities. This unit enables the user to control a computer with head motions or through voice clicking. Moving the head less than a quarter inch maneuvers the cursor across the entire screen. The user can left click, double click, drag, right click, and more through a dwell clicking toolbar, an


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