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Claroread Standard Edition

ClaroRead Standard Edition is a voice output screen reader program designed for use by individuals with learning disabilities or dyslexia. Text is spoken as it is typed, enabling the user to check and proof-read writing. Text can also be spoken by highlighting sections and pressing "Play." Text is read in a human-sounding voice, either male (RealSpeak Daniel) or female (Emily or Jane). Pronunciations can be modified. Spoken words can be tracked on screen with user-selected highlighting colors. A


GhostReader is a voice output program designed for use by individuals with low vision or reading disabilities. This text-to-speech utility enables text files or e-mail to be read aloud with human-sounding Acapela voices. The program can read text, Word, HTML, PDF, and RTF files, or to speak selected text in any application. Words are highlighted onscreen as they are read. The user can cause onscreen text to be read by pointing the cursor at it. The program can also convert text to MP3 audio file

At&t Natural Voices Text-To-Speech Desktop Sdk

The AT&T Natural Voices Text-to-Speech SDK (Software Developers Kit) is a speech synthesizer and software authoring program designed for use by software designers in creating applications accessible to individuals who are blind or have low vision or learning disabilities. The program can be used to create applications that speak. It is available in multiple voices, called fonts, and multiple languages. Each kit comes with one voice font. OPTIONS: Additional voice fonts; Server SDK. COMPATIBI


TextAloud is a voice output program designed for use by individuals with low vision or reading disabilities. This software uses voice synthesis to convert text into spoken audio and read text from email, Web pages (HTML), Word files, PDF files, PowerPoint, and e-books. It can also convert text to MP3 or Windows Media (WMA) files. Toolbar plug-ins are included for Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Outlook. OPTIONS: AT&T Natural Voices, Acapela, or Nuance RealSpeak text-to-speech converters. COM

Nextup Talker

NextUp Talker is a voice output communicator program designed for use by individuals who have temporarily or permanently lost their voice as a result of ALS, cancer, stroke, aphasia, or other disabilities. With this program, commonly used sentences and phrases can be spoken in natural, human-sounding voices when the user enters a shortcut on a personal computer (PC) or Tablet PC. OPTIONS: AT&T Natural Voices, Acapela Voices, RealSpeak TTS. COMPATIBILITY: For use on IBM and compatible compute


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