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The Hugg-A-Pillow is a contoured pillow designed for use by individuals with allergies or spinal disabilities. This pillow cradles the back, neck, shoulders, and upper chest for support during side, back, or stomach sleeping. The removable, machine-washable polyester / cotton cover is an allergen barrier to dust mitess, lint, and dust. COLOR: White.

Relax Right Neck Pillow (Model 71000)

The Relax Right Neck Pillow, model 71000, is a cervical pillow designed for use by individuals with neck pain, injury or stiffness. Made of thermo-sensitive memory foam, this U-shaped pillow is designed to relax and support the neck while in a seated position during travel or while reading in bed. It has an antimicrobial velour cover that is machine washable. DIMENSIONS (HxLxW): 3 x 11 x 12 inches. COLOR: Blue

Thera Putty Hand Exerciser

Thera Putty Hand Exerciser is therapy putty designed for use by individuals with finger and hand disabilities, carpal tunnel syndrome, or arthritis. This latex-free therapy putty is intended to help with the rehabilitation of injuries to the fingers, hand, and forearm muscles by squeezing and moving the putty inside the hand. The putty is available in five levels of resistance and is color-coded by density. It can be autoclaved and will not harden. A plastic case with attached cover is included


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