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Maltron Head / Mouth Stick Keyboard

The Maltron Head / Mouth Stick Keyboard is a 105-key modified keyboard designed specifically for use with a mouth stick or headwand. This Plug-n-Play keyboard has a concave front and a Frequency of Use letter layout with frequently used characters in the central area to reduce head movement for individuals who use a mouth stick or are single finger typists. The unit may be mounted on an articulated arm or positioned flat for single finger operation. The alphabetic keys are positioned in the midd

Maltron Single Left And Right Handed Keyboard

The Maltron Single Left and Right Handed Keyboards are modified keyboards specifically designed for one-handed operation. These Plug-n-Play keyboards have a sculptured shape to provide key heights suited to finger lengths to reduce fatigue and increase speed and accuracy. The letter layout has been developed to meet the special needs of single-handed operation and incorporates push-on/off keys for Control, Shift, and Alt functions. The alphabet, numeric, and arrow keys are all included in the de

Maltron Dual Handed 3D Keyboard

The Maltron Dual Handed 3D Keyboard is a modified keyboard designed to fit the natural shape of hands and allow the wrists to remain straight during typing, relieve postural stress, and reduce the onset of Repetitive Strain Injury. This Plug-n-Play keyboard has a concave shape to provide tactile feedback which improves accuracy and speed. The keyboard has a standard QWERTY letter layout with an optional advanced Maltron letter layout which gives a ten to one reduction in finger movement. The alp

Maltron Dual Hand 2D Keyboard

The Maltron Dual Hand 2D Keyboard is a modified ergonomic keyboard designed for use by individuals at risk for repetitive motion injury of the upper extremity. This plug-and-play keyboard has two key groups for letters with a central number group that suits both left and right handers. The letter keys are angled to match natural finger movements and the keys for the longer fingers are further away to reduce finger motion and provide small therapeutic actions. This keyboard has all the functions

Maltron Expanded Keyboard

The Maltron Expanded Keyboard is an expanded keyboard designed for use by individuals with fine motor or other upper extremity disabilities, upper extremity amputation, or tremors. The keyboard may be placed on the floor or fixed at the foot of a bed for typing with toes. This keyboard features strong steel construction to withstand heavy use and a polyester coating for a smooth, wipe-clean surface. The large surface area and built-in key guard are designed to reduce keyboard errors. The unit is


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