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Penfriend Na

Penfriend NA is a word prediction and abbreviation expansion program designed for use by individuals with fine motor, upper extremity, and learning disabilities. This voice output utility program can be used with almost any word processor program. Every time the user types a letter or letters, the program provides a list of the most likely words which fit those letters. The list appears in a new window, with user-selectable text and background colors. The user picks one of these words by pressin

Penfriend Xl-Na Portable Usb Stick

The Penfriend XL-NA Portable USB Stick is an accessibility software module holding a word prediction, abbreviation expansion, screen reader, and on screen keyboard program designed for use by individuals with dyslexia, low vision, or upper extremity or other physical disabilities. This unit provides the literacy support features of Penfriend XL-NA for use on an unlimited number of computers, one at time. It requires no installation and can be taken between classrooms, work sites, and other locat

Penfriend Xl

Penfriend XL is a voice output screen reader, text magnifier, and word prediction program designed for use by individuals with dyslexia or low vision. The spoken text is transferred automatically to the clipboard where it can be magnified for users with visual impairments. An icon in the clipboard enables the user to switch the screen reading on and off with a single click. Web pages can be read in a variety of European languages with native voices. The program speaks back text as the user write


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