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Color Code

Color Code is a visual perceptual game designed for children 5 years and older with developmental and visual perceptual delays. It can also be used by those working on visual planning and critical thinking skills. The game consists of boldly colored shapes on 18 transparent cards, a display holder and the challenge designs. Players pick a challenge and then stack tiles in the display rack to re-create the composition layer by layer. User’s must consider and analyze shape, color, sequence and ori

Pixy Cubes

Pixy Cubes is a visual perceptual game designed for children and adults with developmental delays, traumatic brain injuries and learning disabilities. Users are asked to copy one of the many, progressively more challenging patterns, or make up their own. You can use 4 cubes or all 16. Race the other players to see who can copy the design first. It works on improving design copy skills, visual memory and creativity.

Spot It

Spot It is visual discrimination game designed for children and adults with neurological and cognitive disabilities. This game includes cards filled with colorful and appealing images. The object of the game is to be the first to spot the one and only one matching symbol between any 2 cards.

Speedy Match

Speedy Match is visual perceptual motor game designed for older children and adults with development delays, cognitive and neurological impairments. It is designed to help build organization, design copy, speed of response, concentration and ocular skills. Speedy Match is a fast paced design copy game for 2-5 players arranged to facilitate eye and hand movement. Users shake the ball holder box to redistribute the 20 colored balls into the 25 available spaces (Each shake produces a new game boar

Spooner Board

Spooner Board is designed for young children and teenagers working on improving balance, weight shifting, coordination, motor planning, and gross motor skills while strengthening ankles, legs and core musculature. The "spoon shape" lets you replicate most board sports in any location and on any surface, inside or out. It has been designed to be durable. The balance boards safely hold 250+ pounds. Users learn to stand, rock, pivot and spin, both regular and "goofy footed." Online instructions an

WriteRight Pencil and Grip - "The Shark"

The “shark-like” Write Right pencil grip is designed for use by children with Down’s syndrome, low muscle tone, and stroke who are working on developing a mature and efficient dynamic tripod grasp for writing.  Children learn to develop an efficient grasping pattern as they, “pinch the eyes, cover the mouth and wrap your fingers around the tail.” These design features act as visual cues to aid in proper finger placement. Other unique design features include, the firm, slightly rough outer surfac

Ferby Pencils

Ferby Pencil is designed for children with Down’s syndrome, low muscle tone, stroke and for those that are new to writing and drawing.  The Ferby Pencil is designed for small hands.  Developed in cooperation with physiologists and educators, the new rounded triangular shape and unlaquered wood barrel ensures comfortable, proper grasping. 

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Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game

Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game is designed for 2-4 children who are working on improving fine motor control, hand strength, matching and sorting, and decision making skills.  Players take turns using the Squirrel Squeezers to pick up and place the correct color acorn into the corresponding hole in their log. First to fill their log wins. Spinner tells you which color acorn to pick but it also has spaces marked, "pick an acorn," "steal an acorn," "lose an acorn," so there is some beginning strategy

Monkey Mix Up

Monkey Mix Up is designed for use by children and adults working on improving their visual perception including attention to detail, discrimination, directionality, spatial organization, imaging, etc. This bright monkey filled collection of 20, two sided pieces is actually 10 puzzles in one. You start by placing any "ground piece". (only those with flowers). in the bottom left corner of the plastic base and continue matching pieces edge to edge, row by row until the puzzle is complete. There are

Listen, Look, and Do

Listen, Look, and Do is designed for students in pre-kindergarten through first grade with developmental delays, cognitive and learning disabilities who are working on improving their visual and auditory discrimination and memory skills.  This book is filled with 120 activities that uses stories and rhymes, puzzles and pictures, along with cut & paste activities.  In addition, students can work on sequencing, following directions and  visual perceptual development while completing a variety

Day and Night

Day and Night is designed for use by children 3 years of age and older with developmental delays, autism and neurological impairments who are working on developing their visual perception, design copy, shape and color recognition and fine motor skills.  The “day” picture challenges clearly show the color and shapes of the individual wood pieces needed to recreate, on the stand, the chosen picture. The “night” picture challenges only show the picture components in silhouettes with no details prov


Rami is designed for children for use by children with visual perceptual, neurological and fine motor disabilities. It is a motivating way to exercise and improve ocular motor skills of visual tracking and scanning, visual endurance, and eye-hand coordination.  Children are in control of all the switches that move all the levers that control access to all the pathways of this colorful maze game. Move gates correctly and the colored marbles will fall into the matching colored slot. Miss a gate an


Interlox is designed for use by children with fine motor and grasping disabilities as a result of Down’s syndrome, cerebral palsy, and brachial plexus injury.  Children use the 96 pieces to work on improving their bilateral coordination and motor planning skills. Players can challenge both their physical and perceptual skills buy building and designing with these 2 inch square translucent panels.  No hardware or other materials needed. Simply line up the slots in the edges of 2 pieces and push t

Spin & Wash

Spin & Wash is designed for children with autism or sensory processing disorders who have difficulty participating in a bath time routine.  Children simply give his tail a spin and wherever it lands, that's the next body part to be washed. Colorful engaging graphics on floating foam disc. Provides kids with a sense of control over their body and makes bath time a fun interactive experience for everyone.

Sensory Gel Pads

Sensory Gel Pads is designed for children and adults with autism, sensory processing and anxiety disorders.  These heat-sealed, high grade vinyl gel pads are designed to work on visual attending, hand eye coordination, finger isolation and hand and finger strengthening. Additionally, the proprioceptive input received from pushing the shape through the resistive gel, along with the innate sensory experience of the gel itself; combine to make the Sensory Gel Pads calming, anxiety reducing activiti

Super Sorting Pie

Super Sorting Pie is designed for use by children working on improving their arm and hand strength, while reinforcing early concepts of sorting by attribute. (i.e. color, number, shape, and category). Set comes with large, durable, 8 3/4 inch diameter plastic pie shell, removable divider, 60 substantial fruit counters in 5 colors, 3 double sided sorting cards, 2 jumbo tweezers and Activity Guide. Top crust acts as bowl to hold counters while playing and as lid when it is time to clean-up.

Take Apart Vehicle - Assorted Plane, Crane or 4x4 Truck

Take Apart Vehicle is designed for use by children with Down’s syndrome, fetal alcohol syndrome, cerebral palsy and who are working on improving their hand skills, bilateral coordination and motor planning skills. This toy comes with over 30 pieces in each vehicle including tools and nuts and bolts. Children are encouraged to take apart and assemble the vehicles. It comes with a battery-powered drill that can be fitted into a special compartment to power the vehicle.

Early Visual Skills

Early Visual Skills is a reproducible worksheet booklet designed for young learners (K-1) learners working of improving their visual skills.  Areas addressed include figure ground skills, visual discrimination, same/different, position in space, part to whole, size sequencing and directionality. Fine motor skill development is also addressed through the continued practice of coloring, drawing, cutting and pasting. The booklets contain 48 images that include instructions in graphic form requiring

Visual Discrimination Workbook

Visual Discrimination Workbook is designed to improve user’s visual discrimination, and critical thinking skills for students in grades 1-12.  The workbook includes 40 reproducible pages of problems.  Players study the relationship between two pictures and then use this information to determine which 2 of the next 4 pictures represents the same relationship. There is an answer guide provided.

Make a Sound and Move Around

Make a Sound and Move Around is designed for use by toddlers and young children to nurture coordination, speech, sensory integration and social skills. It is a collection of 16 songs and activities. There is an accompanying “how to” booklet is filled with activity ideas and resources for parents and teachers.


AlertSeat is designed to improve concentration and assist users retain information. It is a latex-free ball attached to a steel frame with 6 rubber feet. There is an option to use a dolly with locking wheels. The AlertSeat comes in a variety of sizes and colors.

Dizzy Disc

Dizzy Disc is a balance training device designed for use with children with balance or neurological disabilities. This three-dimensional toy features a spinning top disc that allows children to lie down, sit, kneel, or stand while spinning to improve balance and coordination. The angle of the disc can be changed to adjust the level of difficulty; the greater the slope, the greater the challenge of maintaining balance. DIMENSIONS: The disc is 16 inches in diameter, and the base is 18 inches in di

Children's Learning Scissors

The Children's Learning Scissors are scissors designed for use with children with upper extrenity disabilities. Available in right- or left-handed models, these scissors have metal blades with rounded tips and vinyl-coated finger loops to prevent slipping and provide tactile awareness. DIMENSIONS: 3.5 inches long

Spot it Jr.! Animals

Spot it Jr.! Animals is a matching game designed for children under seven years of age who are working on improving their visual perception, focus, and reaction time. Each card has six animals on it. There is one matching animal between any two cards. Players are encouraged to match over 30 colorful animals and make all their sounds.


Fastrack is a game designed to improve speed and modulation of force and attending while also encouraging modification of response based on performance feedback. The goal is to shoot all the wooden disks to the other side of the board through the small opening in the center divider. To accomplish this, players pull the disks back against the elastic band, propelling them forward. Work quickly but accurately or you opponent will clear their side first.

Wedgit Jr. Set

Wedgit Jr. Set is a three-dimensional building and design copy system for children and adults. It can be used to work on working on spatial orientation, motor planning, head and arm stability, and perceptual skills. The bright, primary colored, chunky, plastic pieces are engineered to endlessly nest, link, and lock together. Users can use their imagination or use the design booklet to form structures and shapes, from simple to complex.

Build a Drop

Build a Drop are designed for use by children with upper extremity strength and range of motion associated with arthritis, brachial plexus injury, or stroke. The light, chunky pieces are designed to allow users to work on improving their upper extremity range of motion, concentration, and mid-range control. The user can be creative and exercise motor planning skills as new constructions are built, fall and re-designed. 

Fun Tube: See Thru Tunnel

Fun Tube: See Thru Tunnel is a play tunnel made of a durable, fine nylon mesh so it is fully see through. Reluctant toddlers and young children are comforted by being able to see and interact with caregivers even while they are in the tunnel. Sturdy spring steel construction with fully padded interior for fun and safety. It is a fully collapsible with Velcro snaps for easy storage.

Space Spinners

Space Spinners is designed for use by individuals with limited upper extremity strength and coordination associated with cerebral palsy, nerve injury, and stroke. Players are required to use centrifugal force to lift and place balls in the mother ship. To be successful, players must use co-contraction and controlled movements of the upper extremity needed.

Muffin Matchup

Muffin Matchup is designed to engage young children in sorting, counting, matching, and early math skills along with fine motor/manipulative skills. It can be used with children with upper extremity disabilities associated with developmental delays, cerebral palsy, or Down’s syndrome. This set of materials includes a muffin pan, 60 colorful mini muffin counters, 1 Squeezy Tweezer, 12 double-sided sorting inserts, two foam dice, (one for color, one for number), and an Activity Guide. It can be us

Alpha-Better Desk with Foot Fidget Bar

Alpha-Better Desk with Foot Fidget Bar is designed to provide students the option to sit or stand during a classroom lesson.  It is ideal for students diagnosed with sensory processing disorders, ADHD, fatigue, or back pain.

Rings and Sticks Game

The Rings and Sticks Game is a game to help children learn visual perception. It is designed for children who have visual perception disorder or other learning disabilities. This product helps students develop spatial reasoning and design copying skills. This product encourages hand eye coordination and develops spacial reasoning and design copying skills. The user can copy the drawings on top of the cards or next to the cards for added challenge. 

Near and Far Safari

The Near and Far Safari is a 3-D game designed to improve spatial concepts, directionality, following directions, and auditory processing in children and young adults with visual perceptual and language delays. This can be used to facilitate speech, language, and story telling. Users are encouraged to copy the increasingly complex design cards or create their own scenes. Users build 3-D scenes of life on a safari by using the working cards which slide in the base.

Stetro Super Soft Pencil Grip

The Stetro Pen and Pencil Grip is a triangular finger grip designed for use by individuals who have difficulty grasping and holding pencils. The soft grips slide on to any standard pencil and may be used by right- and left-handed writers. COLOR: Assorted.

Movin' Sit Air Cushion

The Movin'Sit Air Cushion is an air flotation seat cushion designed to give the user a slanted seat base to promote proper sitting posture. This adjustable, wedge-shaped cushion is inflatable, washable, and portable. It also functions as a dynamic surface, with small, rounded protrusions on one side to create air circulation. The unit may also be used as a lower back support. It is inflated by mouth and easily adjusted for any chair or surface. DIMENSIONS: 14 x 14 inches.


Squizzers are self-opening scissors with special spring-apart, plastic-coated handles that are joined together by a band. These scissors are easier to control than conventional scissors, and require less manual dexterity and coordination to operate. Blades are short and rounded for safety. DIMENSIONS: 5 inches total length.

See N Write

See N Write is a handwriting tool intended to assist children with visual perceptual and visual motor difficulties learn to write letters. Children copy letters that appear like magic, one stroke at a time, on the high resolution LCD screen. Choose a letter and then decide if you want to see it formed in manuscript or cursive, upper or lower case. Children can copy what they see on the screen in real time. In game mode, the user can try to identify letters being formed before they fade off the

Ducks On A Pond

Ducks on a Pond is designed for children with neurological and upper extremity disabilities who are working on improving their kinesthetic awareness, hand skills and upper extremity stability. Players work to move the magnetic duck through each maze by moving the magnetic handle under the maze board. Vision is blocked so sense of kinesthesia is facilitated. Comes with 3 ducks, 3 handles, 6 maze boards and wooden maze holder. Frame requires some assembly. COLOR: Blue table top. WARRANTY/GUARANTEE

Pathfinder And Patterns

Pathfinder and Patterns is an activity designed to challenge the skills of logical thinking, eye-hand coordination and visual tracking. Users move the wooden beads over bumps, around the curves and down straight a ways to copy the 16 enclosed pattern cards or patterns of their own creation. It is designed to be worked with in horizontal or vertical orientations. The board can be placed on any of its sides for increased variations. The board comes with 20 beads. COLOR: 5 different colors. WARRANT


Jeliku is a fidget toy, stress reliever and puzzle designed for children of all ages. It is a 3D folding puzzle that facilitates spatial logical and creative thinking while challenging eye-hand coordination, fine motor skills and problem solving. Jeliku comes equipped with beginning shapes and animal sculpture ideas. Additional design ideas and step by step folding instructions are available online. COLOR: Multiple colored sticks in red, yellow, white, blue and green. WARRANTY/GUARANTEE: As stat

Aussie Pouch

Aussie Pouch is designed for classroom and student use to keep material accessible and organized. It comes with two large pockets that fit easily over backrest of student chairs. It can be used to hold homework sheets, workbooks, art projects, math materials, etc. SIZES: 12.5” or 17”. COLOR: Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, Blue, Navy, Purple, Black and Pink. WARRANTY/GUARANTEE: As stated by the manufacturer.

Mini Mouse-Tiny Mouse

The optical Mini Mouse-Tiny Mouse is a computer mouse designed to fit in the palm of a child's hand. It is about half the size of a standard computer mouse. It is designed to give children greater comfort and control. The right and left “click” buttons are different colors allowing the instructor to say “click blue” or “click red”, when right/left concept is not fully understood. Body of mouse is black to match the Lesson Board Keyboard. COLOR: Blue, Yellow and Black. WARRANTY/GUARANTEE: As stat

Giant 4 In A Row

Giant 4 In A Row is a giant game board game designed for use by children and adults of all ages. It can be played in many different positions. Positioned on the floor, it can be played while users are in a side sitting, kneeling or half kneeling position. Players can also play with it while sitting on a therapy ball or T stool. When the game is positioned on a table top, it becomes an activity aimed at improving players upper extremity range of motion and shoulder stability. Single players can u

Bubble Bear

The Bubble Bear is a respiratory training activity designed for use with children with breathing, speech, or oral motor disabilities. Squeezing the belly of this plastic bear causes a plastic bubble wand to pop out of the bear's hat to create cascades of bubbles, encouraging breathing control and oral motor activities.


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