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Wheelchair Belt Buckle Covers

Wheelchair Belt Buckle Covers is designed to prevent children and adults with cognitive disabilities who use wheelchairs from unlocking a wheelchair seat belt. Wheelchair Belt Buckle Covers offer a range of added security for patients who wear a push-button style of positioning belt by limiting the access to the button. Standard access buckles that are not limited are also offered as replacements for those that already come with the belt. 

Skil-Care Gel-Foam Recognition Pads

Skil-Care Gel-Foam Recognition Pads provide a picture story of familiar scenes to most children. Using these familiar settings, a child is encouraged to perform associations including color, shapes, size, function, numbers and placement. The Skil-Care Gel-Foam Recognition Pads can be used to assist with cognitive training, visual perception, number recognition and tactile awareness. Sold as a set of three. Available scene options are Suburb Scene, Farm Scene, City Scene, and Expression which all

Independence Tumbler with Interchangeable Lids

Independence Drinkware is a cup designed for individuals with dysphasgia to help them drink with little sips and to prevent spilling. It has interchangeable lids. Is durable and made to allow monitoring of hot and cold liquid intake. Lids are interchangeable among all beverage containers providing maximum versatility and practicality. 10 ounce Independence Drinkware with interchangeable lids tumbler with flow lid is BPA (bisphenol A) free, microwave safe and dishwasher safe to 228 degrees Fahren

Orbitouch Keyless Keyboard

The Orbitouch Keyless Keyboard is an ergonomic keyboard and mouse designed for individuals with limited dexterity and limited finger motion, as well as for the visually impaired, to use a computer more comfortably. It helps people with arm or hand prostheses, injuries, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, spinal injury, burns, stroke, cerebral palsy and many other physical conditions, use the computer. By giving its user adequate wrist support and movability it allows the user to manipulate its tw

Pal Pads Switches

Premium Woven Two-Panel Surgical Rib Belt

Premium Woven Two-Panel Surgical Rib Belt helps stabilize rib and sternum fractures by limiting expansion through compression. It is designed to provide comfort and encourage more controlled breathing to help reduce pain. Rib belts also provide support and compression to the muscles and soft tissues of the rib cage weakened by strain, trauma, overuse, inactivity, or surgery. Female Rib Belt has a Tapered Design to accommodate the bust line.


AffloVest is a vest therapy which utilizes High Frequency Chest Wall Oscillation, and is intended for use by people with respiratory disabilities. The vest is lightweight and runs off of battery, dc outlet, or ac outlet power. There are no hoses or carts, so this oscillation vest leaves the user fully mobile during treatment. The vest uses percussive forces transmitted to the lungs in order to mobilize secretions, but instead of using the traditional single waveform, AffloVest generates 8 wavefo

Go! Board with 8 Icon Holders

Go! Board with 8 Icon Holders is a direct selection communicator and educational toy specifically designed for lower-functioning children with communication disabilities who can benefit from a picture schedule. Simply insert photography or symbols representing a desired activity into the icon holders. When the activity is completed, the icon is removed and placed in the receptacle at the base of the unit. The Go! Board with 8 Icon Holders can be used to help children who have difficulty transiti

Kimba Neo with Leckey Mygo Seating

Kimba Neo with Leckey Mygo Seating is a stroller and pediatric mobility system designed for use by children with limited upper and lower extremity strength and coordination. The Mygo seating and the Kimba Neo Mobility base are one unit.  This mobility base is designed for indoor/outdoor usage, and features a more rugged base than most primarily indoor bases. The seating by Leckey, called Mygo, can be used with other bases and is adjustable. 

Freedom Four-Piece Wheelchair Accessible Shower

The Freedom Four-Piece Wheelchair Accessible Shower is a four-piece shower designed for wheelchair users when bathing. It can be used by people that are elderly or aging, and those with physical or mobility disabilities. The stall is accessible for wheelchair user and those who use a cane or walker without having to deal with complicated lifts and high edges. This is done with a 7/8 inch barrier free threshold, allowing for easy entrance and exit of the shower.

Freedom ADA Wheelchair Accessible Shower Pan

The Freedom ADA Compliant Shower Pan is a shower pan for an ADA wheelchair accessible shower designed to meet the needs for self care in the shower by people confined to a wheelchair. It comes with a half inch barrier free threshold, which makes it easier to ambulate in and out of the shower. The shower pan is a pre-leveled, self supporting, reinforced pan and comes with a center drain. The shower pan also comes with the textured floor allowing for the user to safely enter and exit the stall.

The Chester Creek LessonBoard™ Computer Keyboard

The Chester Creek LessonBoard™ Computer Keyboard is a standard-sized keyboard designed for individuals with a physical disability who lack gross and fine motor skills to help them improve finger placement when typing, to help reduce the chance of forming bad keyboarding habits, and improve precision and speed while typing. The keys are color-coded by finger. The keyboard can also help to prepare children for a technological society.

ChesterKeys & Case for iPad

Magical Mystery Assistive Technology Switch


Topsy Turvy

Topsy Turvy is designed for children with fine motor limitations as well as those working on improving their sensory processing and cognitive development. It is a visually stimulating toy that turns over and over when the integrated switch or attached capability switch is pressed, while multicolored lights blink, and one of six upbeat songs plays. The Topsy Turvy has a mirror mounted on the bottom for additional visual effects. 

Sensory Plate Assistive Technology Switches

The Sensory Plate Assistive Technology Switches provide stimulating feedback for individual who require exceptional sensory input. This 5" x 8" bead chain and unbreakable plastic mirror plays music and vibrates when touched. The lighted version plays music and vibrates.

Multisensory SpongeBob SquarePants Switch

The Multisensory SpongeBob SquarePants Switch is a device designed for children with impairment disabilities. The device has a tactile switch plate, and vibrates while lights and music play whenever it is pressed. The control on the bottom can be used to turn any of these functions on or off. The Multisensory SpongeBob SquarePants Switch can be used on its own to teach cause and effect, or to trigger other devices that need a capability switch.

Etch A Sketch Switch Toy

Etch A Sketch Switch Toy is designed for children who have limited fine motor skills associated cerebral palsy, stroke, and traumatic brain injuries. It is adapted to suit users who are not able to turn knobs independently. The switches on the base can be used to control the marking on the screen and make exciting drawings. When a drawing is completed, take the Etch A Sketch Switch Toy off its base and shake the etch-a-sketch to erase it.

Jamboxx Pro Midi Controller

The Jamboxx Pro Midi Controller is a hands-free device designed to make music. This pediatric auditory stimulation device is USB powered and controlled by breathing into a harmonica-style mouth piece. It comes with special music software, allowing users to play digital music. The Jamboxx Pro Midi Controller is equipped with hundreds of features, making playing and recording a variety of music easy and fun.  

Battery Heated Glove Liners

Battery Heated Glove Liners are liners designed to help keep the wearer's hands warm in any condition. The battery-powered heating system uses soft, flexible heating panels and hair-thin micro-alloy fibers to spread heat throughout the hand for quick warming at consistent heat levels. Battery Heated Glove Liners offer three heat settings, which can be controlled by a one-touch temperature controller and are signified by different LED light colors: the low heat setting (green) offers 4 hours of c

Go! Board Assistive Technology

The Go! Board Assistive Technology system is design and recommended for children who would benefit from a picture schedule. Use the icon holders to hold pictures representing a desired activity or task; when the task is over, the icon holder can be removed and placed in the pocket at the base of the Go! Board Assistive Technology system. Use it in any classroom that uses scheduling techniques. Choose from models with 6 or 8 icon holders.

Palm Com Assistive Technology Communicator

The Palm Com Assistive Technology Communicator is designed as an augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) program for individuals who have difficulty speaking. By hitting the switch, the user can play a pre-recorded message up to 10 seconds long. The device is a small single-switch communicator that can be used in the palm, on the belt, or on a wall or refrigerator. The Palm Com Assistive Technology Communicator can fit in a pocket and comes with a belt clip, a magnet, and a key ring con

Etac Beauty Hair Washer

The Etac Beauty Hair Washer is a shower aid designed to help individuals with limited range of motion or the use of only one hand wash their hair without straining their hands, shoulders, or arms. The slightly curved stick has an ergonomic oval-shaped, soft-grip handle on one end and a paddle-like brush on the other end that features soft, fingertip-like nodules. The user can utilize the brush end to apply shampoo to his or her hair, and the nodules will work it into a lather while gently massag

Etac Beauty Brush and Comb (Long)

The Etac Beauty Brush and Comb (Long) is a long-handled brush and comb set designed to help individuals with limited range of motion in their arms or shoulders brush/comb their hair. The handle and head are curved to maximize comfort and control, and each handle has a textured, non-slip grip for added stability. The long model of the Etac Beauty Brush and Comb set is designed for users who can reach up to their shoulders. The standard model (A shorter model) is also available for those who can r

Etac Beauty Brush and Comb (Standard)

The Etac Beauty Brush and Comb (Standard) is a long-handled brush and comb set designed to help individuals with limited range of motion in their arms or shoulders brush/comb their hair. The handle and head are curved to maximize comfort and control, and each handle has a textured, non-slip grip for added stability. The standard model of the Etac Beauty Brush and Comb set is designed for users who can reach up to their ears. The long model (a longer version) is also available for those who can r

Adapted Toy Bundles

The Adapted Toy Bundles are filled with pediatric stimulus-reward switch toys for boys or girls. These toys have been adapted for use with a capability switch that allows children with limited dexterity the chance to play. Both of these bundles feature a wheeee-mote control car and a crazy cat, with the boy bundle containing a bump and go train and the girl bundle containing a Dora bubble blower.

Music Therapy Kit

The Music Therapy Kit is a group of toys designed for use by special needs children for pediatric audio stimulation. It uses sound to help patients improve their ability to communicate and express themselves, as well as improve their motor skills and auditory attention. It can be used by patients of all ages. A handbook is included to give a therapist, caregiver, or parent some ideas for activities. This Music Therapy Kit can also be used to entertain sound-loving patients.

Batter Up Baseball Game for Pediatric Fine Motor Development

The Batter Up Baseball Game for Pediatric Fine Motor Development is a pediatric fine motor game for children with special needs to increase their fine motor skills, auditory development, visual attention, and tracking skills. Swipe the baseball to start the sounds of a baseball game and see colored lights marking a run of the bases. If the "batter" hits a home run, the Batter Up box will vibrate and play the song "Take Me Out to the Ball Game". The backdrop has a mirror, and other sound effects

Color Bug Pediatric Manipulatives

The Color Bug Pediatric Manipulatives is a pediatric fine motor toy for children with special needs. Color Bug Pediatric Manipulatives allow users to create remote-control pictures using the light touch directionality switch. The bug, with a marker in it, will move across the paper and leave marks which are different every time. Color Bug Pediatric Manipulatives come with one color bug and four markers.

Visual Perception Assessment Program

The Visual Perception Assessment Program is used to measure how well an individual's visual perception functions. It measures color identification, shape and size discrimination, hand-eye coordination, and understanding of spatial relationships, as well as ability to follow verbal instructions.

Kinetec Maestra Hand and Wrist CPM Machine

The REVO 360 Daily Living Chair

The REVO 360 Daily Living Chair is designed for use by individuals with lower extremity disabilities for use in the office, at home, or while traveling. It is designed for ultimate comfort for users who spend all day in their wheelchairs. Features an adjustable recline angle, flip-up armrests, and self-propelling wheels. Locking casters keep the user safe and stable when not in motion.

Cardinal Health Disposable Underpads

The Cardinal Health Disposable Underpads is designed for use by individuals with urinary incontinence. The underpads are made from soft material that provides trusted protection to the user. These underpads are designed to draw fluid away from the skin while reducing odors. The absorbent polymer construction keeps skin clean and dry.

Easy Glide Bag Opener Kitchen Gadget

Easy Glide Bag Opener Kitchen Gadget is a safety cutter product designed for individuals with mobility disabilities. It opens plastic bags of all sorts, from chip bags to mailer bags. It is an alternative to knives or scissors. This product is dishwasher safe. To use it, simply squeeze gently and pull across.

Deluxe Suction Bottle Brush

Deluxe Suction Bottle Brush is a bottle cleaner designed to be used by individuals with arthritis, amputees, or individuals with low upper extremity mobility. The Deluxe Suction Bottle Brush has a suction base that keeps its brushes stationary when washing glasses and bottles. The suction bases needs to adhere to a smooth flat surface. Use to the inside and outside of glasses or bottles. Home dishwasher safe.

Glacier Chill CoolShirt Cooling System

The Glacier Chill CoolShirt Cooling System is a personal cooling system designed to be worn during activity. It decreases overheating, heat stroke, and associated risks in high-temperature environments.? The device is portable, wearable cool shirt designed to help delay the onset of heat stroke. Improve performance, safety, and comfort in high temperature environments.  The Glacier Chill CoolShirt provides prolonged cooling power weighing no more than a sweat-soaked jersey. Using lightweight, re

Flyp Portable Handheld Nebulizer

The Flyp Portable Handheld Nebulizer is designed for use by individuals with respiratory disabilities. The device is lightweight and portable and can fit in a. It is designed to transport medication to the user with no masks, tubes, or filters. HypersoniQ technology utilizes an internal disc that vibrates at ultrasonic speed to provide a silent nebulizer that dispenses medications in significantly less time - approximately seven minutes for most treatments.

Freeloader Child Carrier

The Freeloader Child Carrier is a child carrier designed with a seat designed specifically for young children to completely rest their legs through the use of stirrups for the child to alleviate stress on their legs while they are riding in the carrier. It can be used for children with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis, Cerebral Palsy, Congenital Heart Defects, Traumatic Brain Injury, or who have limited mobility or physical disabilities. The sturdy child's seat is padded and features an open back t


The Clatterpillar is a therapeutic musical toy for children ages 3 and up to help young children with disabilities develop rhythmic movement, coordination, and improve upper extremity motor skills. Features smooth, handle-like ends for easy gripping. As the child raises one hand and lowers the other the Clatterpillar come to life with exciting clattering sounds. The Clatterpillar can encourage a child's interest in music, help them develop their coordination and motor skills, and develop rhythmi

Trotter Pediatric Mobility Chair

The Trotter Pediatric Mobility Chair is an adapted stroller designed for children with upper extremity disabilities, lower extremity disabilities, or balance disabilities. This chair has a depth-adjustable padded seat and an Adjustable Tension Positioning™ (ATP™) backrest, and a positioning belt and a five-point “H”-style harness with padded straps to help keep the child safely secured to the seat. It also features two eight-inch front casters and two large rear wheels with toggle locks, and a p

New Bug Special Needs Stroller, Deluxe Package (Size Small)

The New Bug Special Needs Stroller, Deluxe Package (Size Small), is an adapted stroller designed for children with lower extremity disabilities. It offers tilt-in-space functionality to provide the child with pressure relief and positional change, as well as numerous other adjustable features. The New Bug Special Needs Stroller has a backrest that can be reclined up to 40 degrees and adjusted in height by 3.9 inches. It has an integrated headrest for improved posture, a footrest that tips up and

One-Handed Swedish Cutting Board

The multi-functional Swedish Cutting Board for One-handed use is designed for clients with neurological impairments, limited hand strength or mobility. The vise aides in gripping food to be peeled or sliced. It can be used to securely hold a large mixing bowl in place. Large rubber suction feet keep the board firmly atop counters.


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