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The PapooTouch is a handheld direct selection and symbolic communicator designed for people with communication and speech disabilities. This communicator also functions as an MP3 and digital video player. The PapooTouch features a 4.3-inch touchscreen (480 x 272 pixels) with 16 million colors. It is usable with one or two hands. The user can use either the on-screen keyboard or symbol grids to form phrases and sentences that are spoken by the PapooTouch. Grids can include pictures provided by


The PapooSwitch is a touch switch and buttonswitch designed for use by individuals with fine motor and upper extremity disabilities. This switch connects to a computer or other switch-adapted devices using a 3.5 millimeter (mm) jack (PapooSwitch A) or a USB connection (PapooSwitch B). It has a triangular base with a round button in the center. The PapooSwitch offers four features that can be turned on or off as needed: left or right click; back lighting of the round button; a beep that sounds w


The PapooTouch+ is a handheld direct selection, scanning and symbolic communicator designed for use with one or two switches (not included). The PapooTouch Plus is intended for use by people with communication and speech disabilities who also have fine motor, neurological, upper extremity or severe physical disabilities or other conditions, such as cerebral palsy, brain injury, stroke or multiple sclerosis, that may affect one's ability to hold the device and operate its touch screen. This commu


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