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Reflex ADA Drafting Table

The Reflex ADA Drafting Table is an adapted desk designed for wheelchair users and is intended for use at home, in a hospital, or at school. The table has a ½ circle radius cut out of the front edge of the desk with 7 ½ inch table surface on either side. The 30 inch x 40 inch top is constructed of scratch-resistant Melamine with raised black PVC edging to prevent pencils and other items from falling off. The base of the table has a 33 inch space between the side legs and 28 3/4 inch depth cleara

ADA-Compliant Belt Stanchion

This ADA-Compliant Belt Stanchion is a dividing belt designed with a lowered belt that guests can detect using a cane or seeing-eye dog for use in the classroom. The aluminum post has a wide base that won't topple, and the polyester tape won't tear. Locking mechanism on the end pieces prevents belt tape from sliding out. 

2100 ADA Wheelchair Accessible School Desk

The 2100 ADA Wheelchair Accessible School Desk is a student desk designed for wheelchair users. The heavy-gauge steel frame is fully chromed and has inside clearances of 30 inches wide and 20 inches deep. The legs adjust to accommodate a variety wheelchair heights. A 5/8-inch solid-plastic desktop resists damage and ensures long life.

Populas Group Therapy Table

The Populas Group Therapy Table is a therapeutic recreation craft table designed for teachers and therapists to use with their students or patients in rehab centers and schools. Strong, steel legs keep the laminate tabletop steady. Provides plenty of room for four to eight people to sit comfortably.

ADA Compliant Tuff Easy Access Picnic Table

The ADA Compliant Tuff Easy Access Picnic Table is an 8-foot easy access picnic table that provides style and functionality to wheelchair users. This table easily seats six guests comfortably with one area intended specifically for convenient wheelchair access. Requires no maintenance. 

Folding Geometric Shapes

Folding Geometric Shapes is a hands-on teaching resource for ages 7+ to teach lessons in symmetry, perimeter, area, surface area and volume. It can be used for students with autism, or other cognitive and learning disabilities to help keep them engaged and learning. Each three-inch shape folds flat, allowing for illustration of a three-dimensional shape's two-dimensional properties. 

Blank Clock Kit - Pack of 24

Blank Clock Kit - Pack of 24 is a product designed to teach children with learning disabilities the skill of telling time by allowing them to build their own clock. Includes 24 clocks with hour and minute hands.

Double Dice Set: A Die Inside of a Die - Set of Eight

Double Dice Set: A Die Inside of a Die - Set of Eight is a set of eight clear plastic dice designed for use by students ages 7 and up with special needs in a classroom setting to practice math skills by adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing the numbers rolled. Each dice has a smaller die inside of it.

Rainbow Fraction Tiles w/ Tray

Bucket O' Beads - Barrel Pony Beads - 1,000 Pieces

Bucket O' Beads - Barrel Pony Beads - 1,000 Pieces is a storage container filled with 1,000 colored craft beads that are meant for fine motor play and practice by students with special needs in a classroom setting.

Foam Mosaic Shapes - 150 Pieces

Foam Mosaic Shapes - 150 Pieces is a package of 150 precut foam shapes designed for use by students with special needs during therapeutic recreation. They are easy to glue onto foam sheets and other surfaces and are good to use for sorting and counting games, to develop a student's visual and number basics.

My Story Book - Pack of 24

My Story Book - Pack of 24 is a set of 24 blank books with 24 lined pages designed to encourage creative writing and logical thinking by assigning a personalized book to each student in the class. This product can be used as a teaching resource for elementary teachers for students with learning, communication, or cognitive disabilities.

Mini Four-Position Stereo Jack Box

Mini Four-Position Stereo Jack Box is equipment with 4 outputs designed to be used in a classroom with students with special or unique needs. It allows for up to four students to work with plenty of room on the table for notebooks and other supplies. The rugged ABS plastic casing comes in vibrant red, yellow, or blue. Silver-plated contacts prevent crackling noise when connecting to other jack boxes and are moisture resistant. Skid-resistant pads keep it in place when bumped or knocked. Individu

CD/Cassette Player

The CD/Cassette Player is a boom box for children with learning disabilities to record sound onto their cassette from a CD, radio, or built-in microphone. Features an AM & FM stereo and six 3.5 mm headphone jacks. Bluetooth compatible for wireless music streaming.

Sit-to-Stand Electric Table

The Sit-to-Stand Electric Table is a height-adjustable table designed for users to ergonomically work in a classroom or work setting. There is also an electrical component option available for additonal cost, a hole in the table for a cord. It seats one person.

Wheelchair Swing Frame w/ Hangers

The Wheelchair Swing Frame w/ Hangers is a frame for a wheelchair accessible swingset with hangers for use on a playground at school by children in wheelchairs. Assembly is required. To be used with a portable or surface mount frame.


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