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Smart Board 885Ix Interactive Whiteboard System

The SMART Board 885ix Interactive Whiteboard System is a touch screen designed for use by children with learning, cognitive, developmental, fine motor, hearing or upper extremity disabilities. It projects a computer display on a large white borad and enables one or two users to instantly and easily interact with the display's content using their fingers or a pen as a mouse. The integrated system combines an interactive whiteboard with an ultra-short-throw projector for minimal shadows and glare.

Smart Document Camera

The SMART Document Camera is a computer display accessory and video magnifier designed for use by teachers working with children with learning, cognitive or developmental disabilities or low vision. The system uses a high-resolution video camera to display clear and detailed images on a computer screen. The user can hold physical objects under the camera and display them on a SMART Board interactive whiteboard (see separate entry), or use the included Mixed Reality Tools for in-depth exploration

Smart Table

The SMART Table interactive learning center is a touch screen and educational aid designed for use by children with learning, cognitive, fine motor or developmental disabilities. This multitouch, multiuser system is designed to encourage collaboration, consensus building and problem solving. The SMART Table is large touch screen mounted on a cabinet so it lays flat horizontally at a height that makes it easily viewed and used by children. It is intended to provide students with a gathering place

Smart Audio

The SMART Audio classroom amplification system is an infrared amplification system designed for use by teachers working with children who are hard of hearing or have attention deficit disorder (ADD) or related conditions. The system is intended to foster student engagement by evenly distributing sound throughout the classroom, helping students focus on lessons with fewer distractions. SMART Audio comes with a wireless infrared microphone, four wall- or ceiling-mounted speakers, a ceiling-mounted

Smart Response Le

The SMART Response LE is a wireless student response system and test interpretation and report program designed for use by children with communication, learning, speech or fine motor disabilities. This system features wireless remotes with large LCD screens, big buttons and a range of up to 100 feet; a receiver that connects to a computer using a USB connection and can either be mounted on a wall or placed on a desk; and assessment software that integrates with SMART Notebook collaborative learn


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