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Logicom Ci Fm Receiver

The Logicom CI FM Receiver is an FM personal amplification system and cochlear implant accessory designed for use by individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing. This small, lightweight unit lets cochlear implant users receive clear speech, without restricting physical activity. It is compatible with both ear-level and body worn processors, and connects directly to a processor via the auxiliary input. Direct connection improves signal to noise ratio and sound quality. It can also connect into a

Child Talking Watch

The Child Talking Watch is a voice output watch designed for use by children who are blind or have low vision. This watch features a round silver tone case with a white face and a Velcro band closure strap that fits all wrists. The watch speaks the time only. COLOR: The band is available in royal blue, pink, or red.

Beautiful Snail Charm

The Beautiful Snail Charm is a hearing aid accessory designed for use by individuals who use behind-the-ear hearing aids. These charms can be attached to the tube connecting the case of a hearing aid located behind the ear and the earmold that fits in the ear. The charm is designed in the shape of a snail with a blue crystal in the center of the shell.

Ila 56 Inch Minicane - Carbon Fiber Telescopic White Cane

The ila 56 Inch MiniCane - Carbon Fiber Telescopic White Cane is a telescoping white cane designed for individuals who are blind or have low vision. Made of carbon fiber, this cane is 9.25 inches long when folded, and it comes with a zippered protective case. The cane is lightweight, and it has a handle, wrist strap and nylon tip. DIMENSIONS: Length is 56 inches (extended) and 9.25 inches (folded). COLOR: White.


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