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Hi Fly Fielder And Power Swing Ring

The Hi-Fly Fielder is a flexible mesh pocket for catching balls either forehanded or backhanded, eliminating the need for wrist or forearm rotation. Pocket is sized for baseballs or softballs. 1/2 inch threaded fitting adapts to any standard prosthetic wrist. Rotates with adjustable friction to accommodate varying field siturations. Padded leather edging. the Power Swing Ring installs into the bottom end of a wooden bat, accommodating any style prehensor finger or thumb; swivels to duplicate "wr

Freestyle Terminal Swimming Device (Model Fstsd 2)

The Freestyle Terminal Swimming Device, model FSTSD 2, is a recreational accessory designed for use by individuals with upper extremity amputation. It is designed to be used with a custom swimming prosthesis for those interested in high performance or competitive swimming capability. The design mimics a folding wing to reduce resistance during stroke recovery, but flares open to provide maximum resistance during the power stroke. The device can be rotated to optimize various swimming strokes and

Spectra Prosthetic Cable

The Spectra Prosthetic Cable or "Turbo Twine" is a high performance synthetic braided cable designed for light or medium duty prosthetic applications. It may act as a replacement for dacron line or lightweight stainless steel cables. The cable is composed of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene fibers. This material has a natural "lubricity" which makes it an ideal low friction cable alternative. Spectra is installed into standard cable housings and utilizes custom fittings, but will NOT wor

Pro-Terry Prosthetic Arm Sox

The Pro-Terry Prostethic Arm Sox are socks designed to provide maximum moisture absorbtion and breathability. They are made of cotton with lycra to maintain shape, and fully terry lined. DIMENSIONS: 16 inches long, approximately 3-ply thickness. SIZE: One size fits all (##A1 Arm equivalent). COLOR: Natural.

All Terrain Ski Terminal Device: At Ski Td

The All Terrain Ski Terminal Device (AT-Ski-TD) is a prosthetic terminal device for skiing that fits standard prosthetic wrists and allows the user to perform the flexing motion necessary to pole during either cross-country or downhill skiing. This "flex-away" action and a quick disconnect pole are safety features designed to reduce or eliminate stress and shock to the skier if he or she should fall. COMPATIBILITY: .5-inch diameter threaded fitting fits standard prosthetic wrists. Accepts 3/16-i

Adepts (Adept B I, Adept C Ii, And Adept F Iii)

The ADEPTs are body powered terminal devices for a prosthetic arm. Model F III is designed for infants age 6 months to 4 years; model C II for children from 4 to 8/9 years; and model B I for children 9/10 years through adult. The devices utilizes a natural opposed thumb and forefinger design (prehensile) and allows the user to grip with as much or as little force as necessary for a particular activity. The grips are made of aircraft grade aluminum and tempered steel or reinforced plastic support

Soft-Touch Grip Iii

The Soft-Touch Grip III is a body powered terminal device for a prosthetic arm designed to by used by children aged 11 to adult with wrist disarticulate, below-elbow amputation, elbow disarticulate, or above-elbow amputation. The grip may be used as a complement for users of the Grip I or Grip II (see separate entries) or for amputees using myo-electric hands or split hooks who wish to have a better performing prothesis. This cable operated, voluntary closing prehensile action device is made of

Grip I & Grip Ii

The Grip I (GP1000) and Grip II (GP2000) are body-powered terminal devices for prosthetic wrists. Grip I is for adults only with large hands and below the elbow amputation. Grip II is for children (approximately 11 years or older) and adults with average hand size, wrist disarticulates, below the elbow amputations and partial hand. The Grips feature cable operated voluntary closing, pull-to-close prehensile action, and "active" neuro-muscular system participation. The range of gripping forces is

Super Sport

The Super Sport is a passive terminal device for a prosthetic arm for use by individuals with below-elbow, elbow disarticulates, and long above-elbow amputation in sports/recreational and domestic activities, and in vocational situations dealing with materials handling and manipulation of products which are fragile or have marrable surfaces (veneers, formica, glass, etc). The devices are made of soft, pliable, non-toxic synthetic rubber with a stainless steel and aluminum core. The shape of the

Rapid Adjust Buckles

Rapid Adjust Buckles are one hand buckles for upper-extremity harnesses for voluntary closing terminal devices. These buckles may replace any three or four bar buckles and most metal belt or latch type buckles used in orthotic braces. The buckle locks positively into place anywhere on dacron/nylon or pro-poly web tape. The buckles are made of nylon. SIZES: Large, for one-inch wide webbing; Medium for three-quarter inch wide webbing. COLOR: White.


The AMP-u-POD is a camera mount terminal device for a prosthetic arm. The device was designed by an amputee photographer to enable upper-extremity amputees to use a 35 mm or larger format still camera and any 8 mm or 16 mm movie or video camera. The camera mount supports the camera on a lockable, ball and socket tripod mount which facilitates photographing at a variety of angles and aids in changing film without the camera having to leave the security of the wrist. The mount has 1/2-inch diamete

Amputee Golf Grip (A.g.g.)

The Amputee Golf Grip, model DPAGG, is a terminal device for sports for unilateral below and above elbow amputees. The device has a 1/2-inch threaded fitting that adapts to any standard prosthetic wrist. The device can be used by right- or left-handed amputees or by amputees who use a cross grip. The grip allows for full rotation during the backswing, squared club face at impact, and complete follow-through during the downswing. The grip can be positioned anywhere on the club, and is designed to

Swim Fin Kit

The Swim Fin Kit is a swimming aid kit designed to make a device for use by individuals with upper extremity disabilities. The aid is designed to be used without a prosthesis but has the same folding wing design as the Freestyle Swimming Terminal Device (see separate entry). The kit includes all the required materials and instructions for fabrication. General shop tools are required for construction including a band or jig saw, belt sander, and rivet tools. Patterns supplied enable custom constr


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