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Personal Assistive Listening System (Model At-216)

The Personal Assistive Listening System, model AT-216, is an FM amplification system designed for use by individuals who are hard of hearing. The system includes a Comtek personal receiver and a neck loop, which are worn by the listener, and a Comtek transmitter. The personal receiver picks up the voice of the person wearing the transmitter, and the neck-loop then re-transmits it to the user's hearing aid (not included) with a "T" switch (telecoil pick-up). If hearing aids are not used, the rece

Silhouette Telecoil Couplers

The Silhouette Telecoil Couplers are hearing aid accessories designed for use by individuals with moderate to profound hearing loss. Available in single or dual coil models, this coupler is worn over the ear. This neckloop plugs into receiver earphone jacks that accept 3.5 millimeter plugs to provide a magnetic signal that can be picked up by a hearing aid equipped with a telecoil (T-switch). WARRANTY: One year.

Spectra 22 Speech Processor

The Spectra 22 is a speech processor designed to enhance listening capabilities in noisy environments for persons with hearing disabilities. With a lightweight polycarbonate composition, it consists of a free-fitting, conforming electrode array with 22 programmable electrodes designed to optimize fine pitch percepts in the cochlea; a speech processor composed with a high resolution, filter bank that divides a sound signal into 20 frequency bands intended to deliver distinctive information; a rec

Cochlear Implant (Model C122M)

The Cochlear Implant, model C122M, is an internal hearing aid consisting of a thin, needle-like electrode array and a receiver/stimulator encased in pliable Silastic. The two components are surgically implanted in the ear. The smooth, flexible, 22-channel electrode array and the receiver/stimulator assist in optimizing fine pitch percepts in the cochlea. The implant is used in conjuction with a speech processor, transmitter and microphone to offer a detailed representation of sound despite extr

Audex Infrared Home Transmitter (Model H-Trans)

The Audex Infrared Home Transmitter, model H-TRANS, is a transmitter for infrared amplification devices for persons who are hard of hearing. This compact unit provides for improved listening of any auditory signal. It is equipped for auxiliary and microphone input, and compatible with any auditory source found in the home, including stereos, televisions, intercoms, dictation equipment, and live voice communication. Both the auxiliary and microphone inputs may be transmitted simultaneously, provi

Big Button Phone (Model 110846)

Big button phone with "mod-look" high-tech design with large easy-to-read numbers. Large white numbers on black keyboard for maximum visibility and stylish appearance. Can be wall-mounted or used on table top or desk. Requires no special installation to replace either new push button or old model rotary phone. Has last number redial, memory of three phone numbers. Hearing aid compatible. 90 day warranty.

Unisonic Phone (Model 110846)

Giant push button phone with easy touch, specially designed high tech keyboard. Attaches directly to wall plate or use on desk. Tone/pulse switchable; electronic I.C. ringer, hi-lo volume control; last number redial, on tone or pulse; fully modular; electronic hold; mute feature; special high voltage protection circuitry, pull out memory auto dialer index. Hearing aid compatible. Black background with large white numerals.

Bright Bold Long Ring Timer (Model 448666)

Timer has large numbers enabling the user to see them easily. Long ring feature allows time for hearing impaired to hear it. 6 inches in diameter. Numbers are 3/4 inch high. .

Low Vision Long Ring Timer (Model 448666)

Low vision 60 minute timer. Large circular timer, for wall or table. Large black numerals on white background.

Strobe Light With Horn (Model 2563)

Telephone signal consists of strobe light with horn. Electrically produces a loud piercing sound and activates a flashing strobe light when telephone rings. Choice of two sound patterns, horn or warble, with volume control. Comes with 15 foot modular line cord and Y adapter.

Vibrating Alarm Timer Kit (Model 878)

Vibrating alarm timer awakens sleeper by vibration which is transmitted throughout the entire bed. Kit consists of special electric timer, heavy duty vibrator, mounting board and brackets. POWER: 110V AC.

Flashing Alarm (Model 2305)

Flashing alarm clock has lighted dial. Awakens sleeper with silent flashing light.

Compu-TTY KA300 Alarm Monitor System

The Compu-TTY KA300 Alarm Monitor System is an emergency alert system designed for use by individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing. This system connects all existing alarm devices in within a small, medium, or large building with a wireless link system. The system covers a broad area, manages up to 1,024 different codes, and displays up to three alarm channels. A bright strobe light, a loud speaker, and a strong bed shaker (all included)provide alerts at all times. Connect all existing alarm

Series Ps Telestrobe (Models Ps-11A-Wpw, Ps-15A-Wpw, & Ps-33A-Wpw)

The Series PS Telestrobe is a flashing telephone signal designed for use by individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing. Telephone signals are indicated by a strobe light. The brightness of the strobe is 8,000 lumen (model PS-15A-WPW), 25,000 lumen (model PS-33A-WPW), or 70,000 lumen (model PS-11A-WPW). The unit is surface mounted with plug-in installation using a standard RJ11C phone jack connection (USA) or CA-11 jack (Canada). POWER: Model PS-11A-WPW uses 115 volts alternating current (VAC);

Ultraclear Sound Shaping Emergency Connect Telephone (Model Cs-Csc50-Er)

The UltraClear Sound Shaping Emergency Connect Telephone, model CS-CSC50-ER, is an amplifier telephone and an emergency alert system designed for use by individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing. This system includes a desktop telephone with a wristwatch-style remote control. In the event of an emergency, the user presses a button on the wrist control to remote-dial up to six emergency contact numbers. The telephone has 50+ decibels amplification, UltraClear sound shaping tone control, a strob

True Fidelity Infrared Wireless Headphones (Model Ir200)

The True Fidelity Infrared Wireless Headphones, model IR200, is a headphone set for infrared (IR) amplification system designed for use by individuals who are hard of hearing. It is designed for use with the Infrared Transmitter from AblePlanet, Inc. (see separate entry). The headphones can be used to listen to home stereo and theater systems, televisions or automobile stereos. The headphones include a lightweight adjustable headband and full size swiveling ear piece with foam ear cushions. The


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