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Chair Call

Chair Call is an app designed for wheelchair users to call a wheelchair to ones' bedside or back out of the way - clearing space for visitors.

Ran's Leg Support

Ran's Leg Support is an electronic support system designed to alert a user when he has too much pressure on his leg, saving him from severe pain and further injury. It is designed to hlep users to feel whether or not they should adjust their leg brace. It is a leg sensor and phone app to alert.

Tamar’s Ponytail Holder

Tamar's Ponytail Holder is a one-handed ponytail holder designed for a user to put her hair up in a ponytail easily with one hand. 

Haifa 3D

Haifa 3D are 3D printed prosthetic arms designed for people with upper extremity amputation to wear.

Removable Mobile Arm

Removable Mobile Arm is an adapted iPad communication device holder designed for people with communication disabilities to use. It was adapted for an iPad that was difficult for people with Cerebral Palsy to hold and use as a communication device. It was designed with an extended arm so the caregivers can easily attach the extended arm and the user can have control of bringing the iPad closer with the click of their head on mouse keys. The team also designed a rotator to allows users to easily t

Winter Challenge 2

Winter Challenge 2 are wheelchair wheel cleaners designed for people with lower extremity disabilities who are wheelchair users to clean their wheelchairs when they get muddy.

One Hand Sony

The One Hand Sony is a device to hold the playstation hand control and play with one hand. The team designed a leg anchor to hold the hand control and adapted the control so the individual can reach all functionality with one hand.

Coffee Break

Coffee Break is a unique coffee maker designed for individuals with hand tremors to make a cup of coffee the way they like. The TOM team designed a conveyor belt coffee maker that makes the coffee the way the user likes.

Back to Biking

Back to Biking is adaptive biking designed for people with below the knee amputations to ride a bike.

Water Simon Says

Water Simon Says is a water based rehabilitation game designed for children with visual impairment and disabilities to challenge them to swim around to different points and turn off the lights (similar to the game Simon Says).

Wise Control

Wise Control is an adapted AAC device designed for people with poor upper body strength and cortical blindness or cerebral palsy to communicate effectively with their communication device.

Tube Opener

Tube Opener is a special paint tube opener and closer designed for individuals with poor fine motor skills to open and seal their paint so it will not dry out.

Plane Seat Assistance

Plane Seat Assistance is an in-flight supportive vest, neck brace, and leg support designed for children with cerebral palsy to fly comfortably.

Winter Chanllenge 1

Winter Challenge 1 is a hatchback canopy umbrella designed for wheelchair users to raise or lower with the press of a button.

Toilet Seat Assistance

Toilet Seat Assistance is a foldable, lightweight portable toilet seat that can be taken anywhere designed for children with disabilities to have them use the bathroom independently.

Sensory Eye Fix

Sensory Eye Fix is a safe and stable platform designd for children with communication disabilities to keep their eye gaze Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) devices at eye level.

Uyen's Chair

Uyen's Chair is a wheelchair specifically designed for Uyen to meet the wishes of her family. Uyen’s family wishes there was a chair that would be suitable to support her spine, adjust its size (height, width) for her growth, be flexible for different usage, and be made from a material that would provide good air circulation for extended sitting. This wheelchair does that.

Shuval’s Tray

The Shuval’s Tray is a 3D printed add-on wheelchair tray designed for manual wheelchairs users to carry their lunch tray.


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