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Obaby Support Stroller

---- PROTOTYPE --------- PURPOSE: The OBaby stroller prototype was designed for people suffering from muscular degenerative diseases as well as elderly grandparents who need to use a walker while still caring for young children. The stroller doubles as a walking aid, supporting the weight of the user. The center of gravity has been shifted to allow a user to lean on the stroller. The front wheels have been redesigned to allow them to roll up and onto a curb. The triple wheel gang concept was

Revolution Wheelchair

---- PROTOTYPE --------- PURPOSE: The Revolution is a backless wheelchair prototype that offers a user easier transfer in and out. Designed for paraplegics with lower spinal cord injuries and core muscle control, the concept allows users to enter the wheelchair by sliding forward or exit by sliding up and back, motions that are easy to perform in comparison to traditional entry/exit. The user is securely positioned in an active kneeling position, which increases circulation and muscle activatio

Slice & Scoop

---- PROTOTYPE --------- PURPOSE: Slice & Scoop is a prototype cutting aid for the blind and visually impaired to prepare food safely, confidently and independently. It shields the user’s hand, provides a surface to locate the knife against and grips the food item securely.

Sluice Pouring Aid

---- PROTOTYPE --------- PURPOSE: Sluice prototype allows individuals suffering from arthritis or having limited upper body strength to easily dispense beverages without supporting the full weight of the liquids in their containers. Designed to accommodate a variety of standard containers from cartons to 2 liters to gallons jugs, Sluice was developed through extensive prototyping and user testing.


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