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Stairglow Handrail Cover (Models Ph101 & Ph102)

The StairGlow Handrail Cover, models PH101 and PH102, is a visual orientation marking and emergency evacuation navigation aid designed to help individuals with low vision or balance or walking disabilities locate the handrail in order to walk up or down stairs more safely. These covers attach permanently to a wide variety of stair rails. Covers are available to fit square (model PH102) or round (PH101) handrails. A co-extruded photoluminescent strip is an integral part of the unit. It glows for

Handicap Sign

The Handicap Sign is a parking area marker designed for use to indicate parking areas reserved for vehicles with drivers or passengers with disabilities. This pre-painted aluminum sign features the international handicap symbol, and can be used in corporate or school parking areas. The sign is laminated with a tough poly film for durability and abrasion and chemical resistance. Its service temperature range is -20 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. DIMENSIONS: 0.04 inch thick.

Stairglow Stairnosing (Models Ps101 & Ps102)

Stairglow Stairnosing, models PS101 and PS102, is a high contrast warning surface and anti-slip stair tread covering designed to increase stairway safety for individuals with low vision or balance or walking disabilities. A photoluminescent strip and a non-skid tread are molded into the stair surface. The photoluminescent strip glows for several hours after being exposed to ambient light. The surface creates a highly visible step edge to reduce falls and to guide people using the stairs during p


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