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Body Mount (Leg) For Iphone, Ipod Touch And Ipad

The Body Mount (Leg) for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad is a cell phone holder and tablet computer mounting system for people with upper or lower extremity, grasping and mobility disabilities, people with use of one hand, and wheelchair users. The system includes two adjustable straps to secure an iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch on the user's leg while seated in a wheelchair. OPTIONS: Mounts are available for the iPod Touch, iPhone 4, iPhone 4G, iPad 1 and iPad 2.

Easy-Up Handle For Walker

Easy-Up is a handgrip attachment and walker handgrip extension bracket standing aid designed to alleviate discomfort and build greater self-reliance for persons with mobility disabilities. Composed of high impact molded polycarbonate, these standing aids are attached along the sides of a walker and are intended to help users rise from a sitting position without assistance in a variety of places: Chairs, couches, beds, and automobiles. WARRANTY: Three year limited warranty on material and defects

Button Aid (Model R612 & R613)

The Button Aid, models R612 and R613, is a button hook with a wire loop to assist individuals the use of one hand or limited finger dexterity to fasten buttons. Available in models for small or large buttons. The handle is made of wood. DIMENSIONS: The handle is 6.5 inches long.

Therapedic Positioning Seat For Small Adults (Model 2500)

The TheraPedic Positioning Seat for Small Adults, model 2500, is a car seat that provides positioning and support for individuals with balance disabilities, neurological disabilities, or severe physical disabilities. The seating system includes a five-point harness, shoulder harness pads, lateral positioning pads, adjustable head pads, a crotch strap pad, and a tether strap kit. FRAME: The outside width is 23 inches. SEAT (HxLxW): 33 x 12 x 19.5 inches. The seat is designer blue and angles 95 de

Pride Media Chair (Model Lc-900)

The Pride Media Chair, model LC-900, is a seat lift chair and recliner designed for use by individuals with lower extremity and mobility disabilities. The chair portion is made of a laminate hardwood frame and the lift mechanism has a steel frame. It features 3-way full recline positioning and a lift mechanism that facilitates standing and sitting. Both the recline and the lift mechanisms are controlled by a push-button hand control connected to the chair by a cord. The built-in heavy-duty lift

Economy Bed Pad

The Economy Bed Pad is a bed pad and incontinence pad designed for individuals with incontinence. This pad is made with a quilted top cloth for absorbency and comfort combined with a waterproof liner. The pad provides protection for every-night mattress use or on household furniture. The pad can be machine washed and dried. COLORS: Light blue top with white liner.

Superpole Parallel Bar System

The SuperPole Parallel Bar System is portable parallel bars designed for short-term walking therapy for people with walking, nerological, or lower extremity disabilities. Central to the system are floor-to-ceiling steel SuperPole grab bars (see also separate entry), which provide a secure structure that can be installed in minutes between a floor and ceiling. SuperPoles fix securely between the floor and ceiling by jackscrew expansion. The steel horizontal rails are height adjustable with an ex


The Dependa-Bar is a wall-mounted grab bar designed for use by individuals with balance, walking, or mobility disabilities. Designed for use in the tub or shower or beside the toilet, this bar consists of a vertical wall-mounted grab bar with a horizontal fixed bar at the bottom, and a moveable P-shaped bar in the center. The moving bar locks every 45 degrees (5 positions), providing a support rail that moves with the user. This stainless steel unit mounts securely to structural studs behind bat


The Assista-Rail is a transfer aid for beds designed for use by individuals with balance or mobility disabilities. This inverted-U shaped rail slides between mattress and box spring and the required, included safety strap with side-release buckle and anti-slide grips prevents the rail from shifting during use. Made of heavy-gauge steel, the rail is equipped with a non-latex foam grip. DIMENSIONS: The unit extends 24 inches under the mattress and up from the mattress 16 inches. The rail extends a

Superpole F.r.s.

SuperPole F.R.S. is a vertical pole transfer aid designed for use by individuals with balance, mobility, or walking disabilities. The unit is a portable steel pole that provides standing and transferring support in institutional (concrete floor) applications. This is a compact alternative to the SuperPole (see entry) floor to ceiling pole system that eliminates the need for ceiling attachment. The SuperPole FRS is placed into the installed floor receptacle and secured into the receptacle by turn

Walklite Walker (Model 6300-Ata)

The WalkLite Walker, model 6300-ATA, is a height-adjustable folding wheeled walker designed for use by individuals with balance, lower extremity, or walking disabilities. This walker has a lightweight aluminum frame with dual-paddle folding mechanism, flip-up seat, flexible backrest, built-in carrying handle, adjustable seat-to-floor height, fixed front wheels, and rear spring-loaded SureGlide brakes. DIMENSIONS: The height is adjustable from 32 to 39 inches. The walker is 7 inches deep when fol

Celebrity X 4 Wheel

The Celebrity X 4 Wheel is a four-wheeled scooter designed for use by individuals with mobility disabilities. This scooter is equipped with bright LED lights, a front basket, and a rear view mirror. FRAME(LxW): 46.75 x 24 inches with a 34.75-inch wheel base. The turning radius is 59 inches and the ground clearance is 3.5 inches. The frame has front and rear suspension, rear anti-tips, disassembles for transport, and features auto-latching lockup for ease of assembly and disassembly. The frame al

Wall-Mounted Shower Stool

The Wall-Mounted Shower Stool is designed for use by individuals with balance or mobility disabilities. Attached to the wall, this unit folds against the wall when not in use. When pulled down for use, front supporting legs automatically drop into position. A positioning screw permits fine adjustment for use on sloping floors. Available with a solid seat or with a recessed opening to facilitate personal hygiene, the seat has an embossed surface that pushes water and soap solution away from the u

Pick-Up Reacher (Models Aa8070, Aa8060, Aa8062, Aa0863 & Aa8073)

The Pick-Up Reacher is a reacher designed for use by individuals with mobility disabilities and limited hand strength. This device enables users to reach items overhead or on the floor without stretching or bending. This lightweight reacher features wire-driven rubber-lined non-slip grasping jaws and a textured pistol grip handle with an ergonomically-designed trigger that is operated with the whole hand, requiring less strength than the traditional two-finger trigger. The jaw rotates 360 degre

Hip Kit Iii (Model 665-321)

The Hip Kit III, model 665-321, is a long-handled sponge, long-handled shoe horn, dressing stick, sock aid, and a reacher designed for use by individuals with reduced reaching capabilities, including individuals with upper extremity, hip replacement, mobility disabilities. The set includes a standard Handi-Reacher; a round, long-handled sponge; a dressing stick; a Sock Notch; and a long-handled shoe horn. DIMENSIONS: The Handi-Reacher is 24 inches long. The dressing stick is 26 inches long, and

Invacare Tracer Ex

The Invacare Tracer EX is a manual adult wheelchair designed for use by individuals with mobility disabilities. FRAME: Folding triple chrome-plated carbon-steel frame with 14-gauge crossbraces. Push handles are standard. SEAT: Sling seat in a choice of 16, 18, or 20 inches wide. The seat depth is 16 inches. The seat-to-floor height is 21 inches. The fixed back height is 16 inches. UPHOLSTERY: Flame-retardant dual-embossed vinyl upholstery in midnight blue or ruby with heavy-duty liners. ARMRESTS

Turning Cushion (Model Ha-4780)

The Turning Cushion, model HA-4780, is a transfer aid designed for use by individuals with lower extremity or mobility disabilities or arthritis. This foam-padded cushion swivels 360 degrees in any direction to help the user in rising from a seated position. The cushion can be used in a vehicle or on a chair. Its removable cover is water washable. DIMENSIONS: 390 millimeters in diameter. WEIGHT: 1 kilogram. COLOR: Gray.

Light Switch Extender (Model 557182)

The Light Switch Extender, model 557182, is an extension for standard wall light switch, designed for use by individuals of short stature and wheelchair users. This handle lowers a regular height light switch to a more convenient height. A rubber cap fits over the light switch knob. Push up on plastic rod to turn light on, pull rod down to turn light off. Latex free. DIMENSIONS: 14 inches long.

Supergrade Iv Hand Control (Model 100)

The Supergrade IV Hand Control, model 100, is a control mechanism for operating a vehicle with the hands. The controls can be installed in cars, trucks, or vans, and controls the operation of the accelerator, brakes, headlight dimmer, and hand. Special mounting brackets are available for mounting on different cars. The controls can be ordered for mounting on either the right or left side of the steering column. OPTIONS: Horn and headlight dimmer control.

Wheelchair Day Pac (Model Wdp12)

The Wheelchair Day Pac, model WDP12, is a wheelchair back pouch carrying accessory. Made in the USA of highly durable nylon fabrics with nylon tape bonded seams, this bag attaches to fit any chair with its Slipstrap System. Two pull rings allow for easy opening. DIMENSIONS: 12 x 12 x 4 inches. WARRANTY: Repair or replacement guarantee.

Jazzy Elite 6 (Models 2S-C & 2S-Ss)

The Jazzy Elite 6, models 2S-C and 2S-SS, is an adult powered wheelchair designed for indoor and outdoor use by adults with lower extremity or mobility disabilities or spinal cord injury. FRAME (LxW): 36.5 x 23.25 inches with a 2-inch ground clearance and a 23.25-inch turning radius. This wheelchair has limited suspension. It has a non-folding frame that is available in red and blue and has Jazzy Armor with shroud and controller guards. CONTROLS: 40 amp PG GC 3 controller. FWD: Two-motor, in-li

J6 (Models 2S-C, 2S-Ss & 2Sp-Ss)

The J6, models 2S-C, 2S-SS and 2SP-SS, is an adult powered wheelchair designed for indoor and outdoor use by adults with lower extremity or mobility disabilities or spinal cord injury. FRAME (LxW): 34.5 x 23.25 inches with a 2.25-inch ground clearance and a 21.25-inch turning radius. This wheelchair has Active-Trac (ATX) suspension and a non-folding frame. The chair is available in red and blue. CONTROLS: 75 amp Q-Logic NE joystick controller is standards; other controllers are available. MWD:

Lift Bath Chair (Model 21383)

Height adjustable bathtub lift for unassisted bathtub transfers. Floor mounted. Standard 2 part seat. Detachable backrest. Full length arms. Hydraulically adjustable with hand pump and lowering button. Controls located for independent user activation. Compact size suitable for home use. Plastic parts: injection moulded polypropylene. Finish seat frame and hydraulic pillar: electrostatic powder painted with epoxy polyester. Hydraulic system: hand operated. Stroke: 500mm. Working range: minimum 0-

Invisia Accent Ring

The Invisia Accent Ring is a curved wall grab bar designed for use by individuals with balance, lower extremity, or mobility disabilities. This stainless steel bar forms a three-quarter circle and is contoured to fit around circular shower and bathtub control fixtures. This unit has concealed mounting screws and multiple points of contact with the wall. CAPACITY: 350 pounds. COLOR: Brushed nickel or triple-plated chrome

Sock And Stocking Aid (Model 2086)

The Sock Aid, model 2086, is a pre-formed, molded sock aid designed to assist people with lower extremity disabilities or who have difficulty bending in donning and removing socks. The sock is slipped over the molded guide and then the foot is slipped in. Pulling up on the webbed handle draws the sock over the heel and over the calf. Once the sock is pulled up, the guide pulls out. A pad on the outside of the guide helps keep the sock in position and the attached garters provide added security w

Economy Hip / Knee Kit

The Economy Hip/Knee Kit includes five products designed for use by individuals with upper extremity and mobility disabilities following hip or knee replacement surgery. The kit includes a reacher, shoe horn, sock aid with cords and built-up foam handle, dressing stick and a contoured bath sponge. These devices are designed to help users avoid bending, standing or turning at the hip when bathing, dressing and performing other activities in the home. The kit comes in a plastic bag. DIMENSIONS: Th

Ontrac Ramp (Models Xps436, Xps536, Xps636, Xps736, & Xps836)

The OnTrac Ramp, models XPS436, XPS536, XPS636, XPS736 and XPS836, is a ramp designed for use by individuals with mobility disabilities or spinal cord injury. Made of aluminum, it is durable and weather resistant, with a slip resistant grooved aluminum surface, curbing, and powder coated handrails. OPTIONS: ADA extended handrail. DIMENSIONS (LxW): 48 x 36 inches (XPS436); 60 x 36 inches (XPS536); 72 x 36 inches (XPS636); 84 x 36 inches (XPS736); 96 x 36 inches (XPS836). Curbing is 2 inches high.

Self Supporting Adjustable Threshold Ramp (Models Ath1232 & Ath2432)

The Self Supporting Adjustable Threshold Ramp, models ATH1232 and ATH2432, is a ramp designed for use to make doorways accessible to wheelchairs for individuals with mobility disabilities or spinal cord injury. This ramp is designed for doorways that swing out or in, and its height is adjustable to fit a range of threshold rises. The unit aligns directly against the door threshold. Made of welded aluminum, it has a slip resistant grooved surface and accommodates wheelchairs and scooters with va

Shower Platform

The Shower Platform is an elevated shower platform designed for use by people with lower extremity and mobility disabilities, spinal cord industry and others who regularly use a wheelchair. The platform raises the floor of a shower to accommodate a wheelchair that must enter the shower using a ramp. It is designed to be used with a PVI Threshold Ramp (see separate entry), which is sold separately. Each platform is custom built to fit an existing shower basin; however, it is only available in a r

Solid Ramp (Models Sl330, Sl336, Sl430, Sl436, Sl530 & Sl536)

The Solid Ramp, models SL330, SL336, SL430, SL436, SL530 and SL536, is a ramp designed for use by individuals with mobility disabilities or spinal cord injury. The ramp's full platform is welded and has an anti-slip, high traction surface, and accommodates wheelchairs and scooters with a variety of wheel configurations. Steel security pins and a safety DVD are included. DIMENSIONS (LxW): 36 x 30 inches (model SL330); 36 x 36 inches (SL336); 48 x 30 inches (SL430); 48 x 36 inches (SL436); 60 x 30

Pvi Multifold Ramp With Extended Lip (Models Utw630, Utw730, Utw830, & Utw1030)

The PVI Multifold Ramp With Extended Lip, models UTW630, UTW730, UTW830, and UTW1030 (also known as the PVI Utility Ramp), is a portable van ramp designed for use by individuals with lower extremity or mobility disabilities or spinal cord injury. This folding ramp has an extended hook so that the top of the ramp clears the rear bumper. It separates into two pieces for folding and transport, and it is carried like a suitcase. The ramp has welded construction with an anti-slip, high traction surfa


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