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Home Page Reader For Windows

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The Home Page Reader for Windows is a voice output program designed to read web pages for individuals who are blind or have low vision. This program audibly communicates information from any graphical user interface (GUI) on a web page. This includes tables, frames, forms, and alternate text for images, as well as link information and alternate text for objects like image maps. In addition, it verbalizes HTML 4.0 information provided by web page authors, such as summaries and table captions. Advanced table navigation permits reading of rows, columns, and cells that span multiple rows or columns. The user can maintain the current cell position in the table and move up and down a column and right and left across a row. This software also provides multi-language support, enabling reading of web pages in different languages. Using a language setting and shortcut keys, the language the ViaVoice Outloud speech engine uses to read a page can be changed. Within the language settings mode, a specific language such as American English, British English, German, French, Italian, or Spanish can be selected, or automatic language switching can be used. Automatic language switching enables the software to determine the language of the web page and automatically switch to that language. The software uses a male voice to read text and a female voice to read link information for ease in differentiation. In addition, a fast-forward function enables users to skim pages to locate information. Accessing page summary data or using a "Where am I" command enables users to determine the number and location of elements on the current web page. Other standard features include navigation using the numeric keypad, online help and bookmarks, and voice-prompted installation and setup. For new web users, an optional installation of Netscape Navigator is included. COMPATIBILITY: For use on IBM and compatible computers. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: A Pentium 166 megaHertz processor or equivalent, Windows 95 or 98 or NT, 32 megabytes (MB) of RAM for Windows 95 or 98 or 64 MB RAM for Windows NT, 14 MB available hard disk space and an additional 25 MB hard disk space if installation of Netscape Navigator is required, SVGA graphics card, Windows-compatible 28.8 kilobytes per second modem, a Windows-compatible 16-bit sound card, a quad speed CD-Rom drive, and a numeric keypad (integrated into the keyboard or separate), Internet connection, and Netscape Navigator version 3.01 or higher. To use the E-mail function, Microsoft Personal Web Server version 4.02 is required for users of Windows 95 or 98; Microsoft Peer Web Services version 4.0 is required for Windows NT. OPTIONS: This software is available in a variety of optional languages, including Spanish, French, German, and Italian


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IBM Corporation
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Enablemart (A Division Of School Health Corporation)
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