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Doorway Swing Support Bar

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The Doorway Swing Support Bar is hardware intended for use by children with disabilities including sensory processing disorder, autism, or attention deficit disorder using a swing for a sensory integration activity or enjoyment to allow them to develop gross motor skills or to engage in a sensory integration activity. Supports indoor swinging, climbing or gliding.

Do not use in a stairwell or mobile home. Each time installing this product wipe the doorway with hot water first and wipe the rubber part with alcohol. Don't close the door while the unit is in use. Don't allow child to swing high enough to touch the ceiling. Don't allow under ducks.

Hard Mount Instructions

1. Clean the rubber strip on the back of the blue saddle with rubbing alcohol. 2. Wipe the door frame with hot water to remove dust and grime. 3. Place the wood spacer block at the top of the doorway against the door frame. Position the saddle on the door frame against the door stop molding, underneath the wood spacer block, with the rubber strip against the door frame. 4. Using a 1/8 inch drill bit, drill pilot holes into the doorframe using the small holes on the saddle as a guide. Put the wood screws into the pilot holes and tighten securely. Be careful not to over tighten and strip the screw threads. 5. Install the other saddle on the opposite side of the doorframe in the same manner. 6. Adjust the bar to the approximate width of the door by holding one end of the bar and turning the other end either in or out. Take one of the metal O-rings and place it in one of the grooves on the end of the bar. Place the end of the bar in the round hole in the middle of the blue saddle. 7. Place the other metal O-ring in the groove on the other side of the bar. Holding the end of the bar that is in the hole of the saddle, turn the opposite end to expand the bar until it will go into the matching hole on the other saddle. 8. Support bar works when adequate tension is exerted against saddles through turning the support bar into saddles tightly. Keep in mind that it is possible to crack the doorframe by over tightening. 9. Prove the bar is ready to use by an adult placing one hand on each blue grip securely and hang from the bar lifting feet off the floor. There should be no movement or slipping of the bar. 10. Hook your attachment to the O-rings on the bar, and it is ready for use!  

For doorways without door stop moldings:

1. After completing steps 1 and 2 as listed under “Hard Mount Instructions”, measure the width of the doorway and find the center. Make a mark indicating the center. Repeat on the opposite side of the doorframe. 2. Position the saddle so that it is centered over the center mark made on the doorway. 3. Follow steps 3 through 10 as listed under “Hard Mount Instructions”.
Technical Specifications: 

Measurements: The support bar is meant to be installed in a doorway that is between 29 inches and 36 inches wide.


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Doorway Swing Support Bar

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Fun and Function provides products that build skills and self-esteem in children on the autism spectrum, with sensory processing disorders, speech/developmental delays, and other challenges.

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