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Click to Read

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Click to Read is an interactive, educational book that is aimed at students with learning disabilities to teach them vocabulary, encourage early literacy and support comprehension. Students can hear the story read to them in a cause and effect mode, expand the meaning of text and picture symbols in an interactive mode and can then demonstrate their understanding of the core vocabulary by arranging the symbols to retell the story in any of three reading levels. Each story also comes with three Show What You Know activities - Bingo, Concentration, and Vocabulary practice. 


  • Large, simple graphics
  • SymbolStix graphic support color-coded for Aided Language Support
  • Supports mouse, touch screen, keyboard, up to 3 switches and interactive technology
  • 3 levels of scaffolding for cloze activities, BINGO and Vocabulary Practice and Concentration
  • Answer choices are randomly generated so the student experiences a new activity with each interaction
  • Story reading, prompting and reinforcement with either male or female voice
  • Customize for low vision, scan prompts and auditory reinforcement
  • Built-in auto and 2-switch step scanning with cueing options
Technical Specifications: 

System Requirements

  • PC running Windows XP or newer
  • Macintosh running MacOS 10.4 or newer
  • Color monitor of 1024 x 768 or larger. The programs resize themselves to fit your monitor, so the larger the monitor, the larger the picture will be
  • Supports keyboard, mouse, touch screen, and up to three switches

What's on the CD:

  • The Programs: four different stories that support a central theme.
  • Print Books: along with each program is a "print book" which allows you to print a copy of the story for each student that may be used during guided reading, for independent practice, or home reading.
  • Vocabulary Cards: the core vocabulary is provided on small cards that you can print, laminate and cut apart. Use for purposes such as pre- and post-testing, flash cards, or matching activity.

Options: All About Me, Animal Habitats, Citizenship, Healthy Me, Life Skills. Bundle includes all titles.

All About Me: Teaches self-awareness to learning challenged students in early childhood through post-high school. Encourages the uniqueness of each student while supporting social work groups. Stories cover senses, emotions, individuality and grooming. Core vocabulary and concepts in each story:

  • I Am Me: Teaches what makes us similar, different and unique
  • How do You Feel?: Happy, sad, excited or mad and how we react to our feelings
  • Using My 5 Senses: See, taste, touch, hear and smell as we make ourselves a treat
  • Looking Good!: Building self-confidence with grooming and appearance

Animal Habitats: Stories support science curriculum for learning challenged students in early childhood through post-high school. The Desert and A Home in the Forest contain clear photos of animals living in these habitats. Additional language or math concepts in each unit expand learning opportunities. Core vocabulary and concepts in each story:

  • The Desert: Animals, birds and plants found in the Southwest desert
  • A Home in the Forest: Animals that live in the forest and the places they make their homes
  • Pond Life: Animals, insects and plants found in the pond habitat; emphasis on prepositions "in, on, around"
  • Ocean Creatures: Familiar ocean inhabitants; one:one correspondence of 1 through 5 items

Citizenship: Encourages students to help in the community as they learn about our common traditions and what makes us a nation. Four stories cover leadership, stewardship, patriotism, and environmental awareness. Core vocabulary and concepts in each story:

  • A Leader Is: Teaches us about the leaders in our community, and our nation
  • Can Help: Promotes stewardship within the school, neighborhood, and community
  • My Country: Teaches citizenship using facts about the U.S. Capitol, the 50 states, and national symbols and holidays
  • Recycle It!: Done with that can?? Learn how we help the community with recycling

Healthy Me: Designed to teach learning challenged students in early childhood through post-high school about our bodies and how we take care of them. We learn to be healthy and why we visit our health care providers. Four stories cover our body and nutrition, as well as visiting the doctor and the dentist. Core vocabulary and concepts in each story:

  • Going to the Doctor: Teaches about a visit to the doctor's office and how the doctor and the nurse care for us.
  • Going to the Dentist: Pictures of a real office visit make going to the dentist a little less scary!
  • My Body: Shows and describes the major organs and their functions.
  • You Are What You Eat!: The major food groups and why healthful eating is important.

Life Skills: Stories provide an excellent means to pre-teach and support skills used on community outings. Core vocabulary and concepts in each story:

  • Ben Goes Shopping: Shopping at different places in the community (pet store, shoe store, clothing store, drug store, bookstore, toy store, grocery store, post office)
  • Community Signs: Safety signs found in the community and what they mean
  • What Time Is It?: Time of day (morning, noon, afternoon, evening, night) and common activities associated with those time periods; introduction to hour and minute
  • How Much Is It Worth?: Introduction to money values, saving and spending


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