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Earth Day Activities

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These Earth Day Activities are printables designed for children with learning disabilities to get them to think, write, and read about how they can help the Earth. In this packet, the user will receive an Earth Day craftivity, a writing prompt with a brainstorming web and word wall cards, two readers for different levels and an Earth Day crown that students can make.

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Materials: This product includes the following.

  • I Can Help The Earth Craftivity: This easy-to-make and creative craft is a good way to get children with disabilities thinking about ways they can help the Earth and a creative Earth Day decoration for the user’s classroom.
  • I Can Help The Earth Writing Prompt: After creating the I Can Help The Earth Craft, students can expand their ideas and write more about how they can help the Earth. They can first brainstorm ways that they can help the Earth on their word web. They will then write and draw what they can do to help the Earth. There are five different types of writing paper for different writers and ten word wall words included.
  • I Can Help The Earth Reader: Students will read about some of the many ways that they can help the Earth in these printable books. There are two readers included in this packet to help differentiate. The first one includes simple sentences and repetitive text like “I can recycle.” The second one is more advanced with sentences like “I can recycle things like cans, plastic bottles, and newspapers.”
  • I Can Help The Earth Crown: This Earth Day Crown activity is designed for students with learning disabilities to do and wear on Earth Day. In this packet, they have two different crowns and pictures of ways that those students can help the Earth that they can cut out and attach to the crown.


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Earth Day Activities

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