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Sensory Essentials Collection

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The Sensory Essentials Collection is a collection of resources designed for children with sensory processing disorder to improve the child’s emotional regulation and behaviors, have smoother transitions, put an end to morning battles, reduce anxiety and see lasting results. The Sensory Essentials Collection has everything necessary to equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to help your child today.

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Materials: The Sensory Essentials Collection includes the following.

  • Sensory Processing Explained – A Handbook for Parents and Educators (value $17.99) – a 177-page handbook for parents and educators to feel confident in understanding sensory processing.
    • better understand sensory information that you can share with parents and educators to help explain a child’s behavior.
    • explain sensory processing to those who just don’t get it.
    • get calming techniques and strategies that can work during a sensory meltdown.
    • find easy sensory ideas to replicate at home.
    • tips for how teachers can accommodate kids with sensory processing challenges.
    • gain strategies and activities that can be used with an entire classroom.
    • access information on all eight sensory systems and how they can affect behaviors (plus strategies and activities that can help with regulation).
    • figure out where to begin if you feel a child could be struggling with sensory processing.
  • Visual Schedule for Special Needs (Valued at $12) – a 25-page digital download that includes 66 printable cards in black and white and 66 printable cards in color.
    • ease transitions.
    • reduce meltdowns.
    • provide visual prompts for daily living skills.
    • includes prompt for therapies, appointments, medications, grooming, and much more.
    • can be used at home, in the classroom, or on the go.
    • easy to understand graphics.
    • suitable for preschool to teens.
  • Sensory Science Book – Volume 1 (valued at $12) – a 30-page digital download.
    • explore 3 themes of science using hands-on experiments and activities using all 8 senses.
    • each theme contains 5 activities that focus on Colors, The Senses and Nature.
    • children retain knowledge better with hands-on sensory-based learning.
  • Sensory Bins ebook (Valued at $5) – a 21-page digital download.
    • sensory bins are a simple and inexpensive learning tool that can benefit all children.
    • incorporate sensory bins into your home, classroom, preschool, Day Care, or homeschool.
    • be guided through the necessary knowledge and ideas to get started.
    • includes idea lists, storage and money saving tips, helpful recipes.
    • gain information on using sensory bins with Sensory Processing Disorder.
  • My Sensory Self Workbook (Valued at $5) – a 16-page digital download.
    • help the child or student discover what the eight sensory systems feel like.
    • enable kids to determine their own sensory preferences and dislikes with this fun and engaging workbook.
    • includes eight coloring pages, one of each sensory system, short, easy-to-understand descriptions of each sensory system, a poster, activities and pages to discover their personal sensory preferences.
  • Sensory Break Cards for Home (Valued at $5) – 52 printable sensory break cards for home.
    • designed to be used with minimal sensory tools or easy, DIY options from around the house.
    • activities are divided into green cards for calming, red cards for alerting, and yellow cards that can be both alerting or calming activities.
  • Sensory Break Cards for the Classroom (Valued at $5) – 47 printable sensory break cards for the classroom.
    • designed to be used with minimal sensory tools or easy, DIY options, use in small spaces, and with multiple children.
    • activities are divided into green cards for calming, red cards for alerting, and yellow cards with activities that can be both alerting or calming.
  • Emotions Cards (Valued at $10) – 12 printable visual emotion cards.
    • improve emotional regulation.
    • enable children to understand and learn about their emotions.
    • each card also includes caregiver and educator tips on the back to help the child understand and regulate their emotions.
  • Sensory System Memory Game (Valued at $5) – 5-page digital download.
    • enhance understanding of the 8 sensory systems.
    • improve your child’s ability to talk about their sensory needs.
    • this fun matching game helps children identify and learn about the 8 sensory systems.
    • comes with printable playing and matching cards along with directions for how to play the game.


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Sensory Essentials Collection

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The Chaos and The Clurtter is a website/blog administered by Sharla Kostelyk, a mother of 5, with children with special needs. She shares her experience with some homemade sensory products and with her life. She says...

I want you to find happiness in the chaos and the clutter. As a disorganized, creative, scattered, homeschooling mother of seven, including five with Special Needs, I spent years feeling like I wasn’t measuring up to the “perfect” moms I knew.

I would walk around my house, stepping over toys, crunching a dry Cheerio underfoot, passing by a pile of papers, and trying to ignore the mountain of laundry that seemed to grow by the second, and I would feel like a failure. I felt overwhelmed and stressed out and sometimes was grouchy with my kids as a result, only adding to my feelings of guilt.

I tried every organizational system in the book, but mastered none. I was letting the best years with my children slip away and was determined that if I could not change the state of the house, at least I could change my attitude.


At The Chaos and The Clutter, I share with you some of my small victories. I am real. I tell the truth about the imperfect parent that I am. I hope that this will be a place where people can be their true “mismatched socks because there weren’t any clean ones” selves!

My everyday life is never ordinary. Most days, I still feel like I am drowning in the busyness! I don’t pretend to have all the answers, but I will share anything that has helped me, anything that hasn’t, and the humorous moments in between.

Another type of clutter that I am trying to get rid of is financial clutter. There is just no happiness to be found there! We are trying to climb out of debt and I will also share those tips I learn along the way.

I hope that you will join me in trying to find the blessings and the joy in among the chaos and the clutter!