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DIY Shoe Helper and Sock Aid

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The Shoe Helper is designed to assist users with limited flexibility, limited mobility, upper and/ or lower extremity disabilities, those with spinal cord injuries, users in wheelchairs, and users who have trouble grasping or limited dexterity. The product was designed for users, specifically those in wheelchairs, who have issues using long handled Shoe Horns or other traditional shoe aids due to the fact that they do not provide the necessary support to move the entire leg, foot or heel into the shoe. Other products may not fit all users’ shoes and sometimes don’t offer a durable enough handle to guide their lower extremity into a shoe. Also noted were that many products are made to be used in a standing position which is not ideal for all users. The design consists of a heel sleeve made of thermoplastic in the shape of a heel that fits over a user’s shoe heel.

Materials Needed:

  • Thermoplastic
  • Metallic hinge
  • Long cord or Boot Lace

Steps to make the product:

  1. Thermoplastic is molded and hardened to fit the back portion of the calf.
  2. Thermoplastic is molded into piece that fits over the heel portion of a shoe
  3. A thermoplastic piece is attached to the back of the heel portion to allow the laces to thread through.
  4. An extended shoe horn was attached at to the bottom of the heel piece so that it could be used like a traditional sock aid as well.
  5. Holes were drilled at the top of the leg support piece on either side and threaded with a durable hiking lace which loops into the back loop attached to the heel portion.
  6. A hinge is attached between the heel portion and leg sleeve allowing the heel piece to move outwards.

To Use:

  1. The user attaches the plastic heel portion over the heel of their shoe so that it stays in place
  2. If they are using the product as a sock aid, they place a stocking or sock around the shoe horn so they can slip their foot in the sock before inserting their foot into the shoe.
  3. The user positions their leg into the thermoplastic leg sleeve and positions their heel into the heel portion.
  4. The user then uses the looped cord as a handle to guide their leg and foot, with the stocking attached, into a shoe and slips their foot into the stocking.
  5. They then use the show horn to slip their foot into the shoe.
  6. They then pull on the lace handle which moves the hinge allowing the user to dislodge the heel portion from their shoe.
  7. The user then uses the cord to pull the device off their leg and back up to their hands.   

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Technical Specifications: 

Height, Length, Width and Weight of the product varies by the mold designed to fit them individually

Made with thermoplastic



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DIY Shoe Helper and Sock Aid